Overlorde - 2017 Demo

Overlorde - 2017 Demo

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(CD, Private, 2017)

Of all the US Power cult-albums ever released, there is one standing out both in status as well as how it was received by fans and media. I am talking about OVERLORDE's “Return Of The Snow Giant”, released in 2004. And by all means, the album is a fantastic piece of Dark US Heavy / Power Metal which still holds strong today.

After that, it's been rather quiet around the band aside from some demos released in 2013 and now these three “2017 Demo” tracks. Musically it continues on the same vein with "Return Of The Snow Giant”. The mix of technicality and melody is still there and George Tsalikis does a very good job at the microphone. Perhaps he is not reaching the same heights as Bobby “Leatherlungs” Lucas did on “Return Of The Snow Giant” but he's definitely talented and feels like a very good fit for the music. First track out, “Awaken The Fury” nails all the things I love about the genre. The smooth and flowing verse before OVERLORDE is gearing up to the bridge just to take it down again for the chorus. There are technicality and finesse in the riffs, a lot of small details without making it too complex to take in.

The groove in “The Madness Within” was the first thing that got stuck while digging into “2017 Demo”. The up-tempo beat with an intricate guitar-riff pushing through the vocals works in my book and then, how the floating chorus breaks up the cadenced beat from the verse makes it pop and sounds absolutely fantastic. I really like the dynamics in the song and that mellow middle-section adds yet another level; it's theatrical and fateful. And since this is taken down to a minimal when it comes to the back-up music it creates a fantastic effect when everything comes back for another chorus.

“Destroy Us All” stands out a bit from the rest; I'm not sure if it's the style or production that makes it to deviate from the rest. But the sound is bare and more sterile. The harmonies and the pace in the song really lean towards PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. Which of course isn't bad but that's the only time I've been able to refer to another band when it comes to OVERLORDE, else they have a very unique sound and style.

But yes, the production is what it is; but, since this is titled “2017 Demo”, that's not up for judging here. It leaves more to wish for when it comes to sound, yes, but if this is an appetizer of what's to come and remembering how damn good “Return Of The Snow Giant" sounds, OVERLORDE again is up for something big.





01. Awaken The Fury
02. The Madness Within
03. Destroy Us All


George Tsalikis - Vocals
Mark M.E. Edwards - Guitar
John “Kong” Bunucci - Bass
George Janeira - Drums