Crier - Let There Be Sound

(Digi Single, Private, 2018)

As a part of the FVASHM (First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal), CRIER made their mark with their 1989 single “Bad Booze / Running In The Night” but perhaps even more so a few years earlier under the SACRIFICE name and the now highly sought after “Street Fighter” 7". Sound-wise it is the same and that goes for the 2018 outing as well.

The production on “Let There Be Sound” is old-school and primitive. But it suites the AC/DC oozing title track. The stiff riff in the verse clearly pays tribute to the Aussie legends while the chorus-line is a bit looser and feels like a summer-cruise - cabriolet car on open road and just a feel-good moment. It's definitely a catchy track building on the CRIER sound from back in the days.

Second track, “Raise Your Hands” solidifies the earlier statement. It sounds old school and it sounds Swedish. It's a bit unfortunate that the production feels cheap because the songs are cool, this one too have great hooks and melodies. But sound-wise CRIER is with this single behind their 2017 releases, “Rock'n'Roll Forever” and especially the “Bad Reputation” EP. But judging the songs only, CRIER is definitely holding their standards.





01. Let There Be Sound
02. Raise Your Hands


Marcus Martinsson - Vocals
Benny Lundgren - Guitar
Jonas Eriksson - Guitar
Fredrik Persson - Keyboard
Mats Svensson - Bass
Ralph Rydén - Drums