Justify Rebellion - Unleashing The Beast

Justify Rebellion - Unleashing The Beast

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(CD, Mighty Music, 2018)

I get a little tired of myself on occasion when I dismiss a record or a band just because of the title or something like that, even before listening. With that being said, JUSTIFY REBELLION didn't stand a chance. I mean, how many records are there already called something like “Unleash The Beast”-something, or as in this case, “Unleashing The Beast”...

And when the first few bars sounded like METALLICA doing ballads just to turn over into old-school up-tempo riff with a modern production from the same band... So no, instrumental album starter “Animal” didn't lure me in. Then, after the juvenile initial riff of “The Bloodcurdling Wail”, which would have come across very differently if it had been the first thing heard of the record. The line between arty Post-Rock and second rate METALLICA is subtle but with the impression from the opening track my mind got set on the latter. I had to eat my words; the real beat starts with a groovy riff and this second track turns into something really cool. I love the chorus-line; it's mean and catchy at the same time and when there's a time and rhythm change in the song it certainly works. I'm a sucker for this type of arrangements and it sounds fantastic.

JUSTIFY REBELLION have that mean distorted guitars-sound MEGADETH pushed out on their early albums and combined with Lukas Rautenberg's semi rough, semi melodic voice, it creates a great mix of Thrash and Heavy Metal. Give “Devil's Bride” a spin and see for yourself. “Get Away” is another very good sample of this, even if this song holds a more modern vibe. And at this point, I don't mind the glimpses of METALLICA anymore, nor when the songs holds so much more which is unique for JUSTIFY REBELLION. The production also helps to turn that frown upside down; there is a thick layer of guitars but it's still dynamic and feel organic and vibrant. “Beast” was released as a video single to promote “Unleashing The Beast”. This is one of the best moments of the album as well; it is raw and straightforward. Pieces lean towards PARADISE LOST, “Shades of God”-era while, on occasion, Lukas’ vocals have resemblances with Johan Edlund of TIAMAT, how he sounded on “Clouds” (so, same era as the PARADISE LOST reference). That sure works in my book. I realized it is the moodier and heavy parts that appeal to me the most, which makes “Awaken” a very cool song too with the heavy and melodic riffs.

So, there's definitely parts and passages of Danish youngsters in JUSTIFY REBELLION's debut album “Unleashing The Beast” that sound fantastic, while others are not all that unique. No matter what, the album is varied and creative, and for a first effort, it's definitely a job well done. Can't wait to see what the future will hold for these guys.





01. Animal
02. The Bloodcurdling Wail
03. Relentless War
04. Devil's Bride
05. Ancient Pharaoh
06. Get Away
07. Fight Bleed Kill
08. Beast
09. Awaken
10. Stuck Up In Chains
11. The Core


Lukas Rautenberg - Guitar, Vocals
Stephen Torpe Andersen - Guitar
Nikolaj Madsen - Bass
Nikolaj Ersbøll Ross - Drums