Violent Divine - Louder Than Love

Violent Divine - Louder Than Love

(CD, Metal Revelation, 2017)

I remember well when I was digging into Swedish VIOLENT DIVINE's last album, “Hyperactivity Disorder”. What a surprise I got when realized it had been almost two years since I had reviewed it... Especially since I commented that nothing stood out, nothing really got stuck... Apparently, it did! But it's exactly the same thinking around new “Louder Than Love” as well. Just as its predecessor, we're talking about musical perfection, it's precise and tight. And again, I miss something to lure me, a hook or something outside the box that pops out from the rest.

VIOLENT DIVINE come close with the mellow “In Your Bedroom” and just as for the last record is the softer songs I like the best. Here, the register vocalist Mike's uses comes to its rights. The gloomy feel works perfectly and there's a nerve in the music, which isn't as strong as it is in the faster songs. Both the first two tracks of the “Louder Than Love” album, “Crawl” and “I Believe” are good and catchy ones but with the massive production it doesn't really rise in the chorus lines and the dynamics get lost. Where's the filth and Rock 'n' Roll? The mean guitar-solo in the first of the two just merges with the rhythm and passes by unnoticed. “I Believe” works better since the riff behind the chorus line is more open which allows the vocal line to come through. I still want more.

I mentioned SOUNDGARDEN as a reference for “Hyperactivity Disorder” also, and musically this is still present, and with a title like “Louder Than Love”, it's inevitable to compare. And for me, that record really tipped me over as it was mean, edgy and groovy. All the elements are there for VIOLENT DIVINE also and the “Louder Than Love” track is a very good with the mid-tempo floating chorus-line that matches the technical and sharp riff in the intro and the acoustic verse. One song that actually does stand out a lot was “Dirty Little Secrets” but for me, it turned the wrong way as the arrangements in the chorus draw towards Pop / Punk like BAD RELIGION or something like that. It's a matter of taste of course, but it didn't really do it for me. There are a few songs I like a lot from this album; one of my favorites is “Overstayed My Welcome”; the drive in the straightforward verse riff is fantastic and here, the chorus-line lifts the whole thing up. The acoustic section towards the end also works well. Also, the album closer, “Unbeliever”, is a good one; it has that FREAK KITCHEN off-beat technical groove with a bouncy riff and a nice chorus.

Like I said, as it happened last time, there's nothing to complain about with VIOLENT DIVINE's musical performance; it is precision and perfection from start to finish. But this makes it feel very safe. A scream somewhere until the voice breaks or just push up and out the guitar-solos from the rest, something outside of the comfort zone would do a lot for me at least. It's definitely not bad and I bet it will sound fantastic live which make me blame the production more than the music that it doesn't really cut it for me.





01. Crawl
02. I Believe
03. Right You Are
04. In Your Bedroom
05. Louder Than Love
06. Dirty Little Secrets
07. Poison That I Am
08. Faith
09. Frantic
10. Apocalyptic And Insane
11. Overstayed My Welcome
12. Ashes To Ashes
13. Unbeliever


Mike - Vocals
S.J - Guitar
Oscar - Bass
Simon - Drums