The Mothercraft - Pillars

The Mothercraft - Pillars

(EP, Private, 2018)

Well, are you familiar with that warm feeling when you’ve just found an addictive, badass Rock release which, from the very first time you blasted it through your speakers, instantly rocked your world? Yeah, that is exactly what happened a few days ago with me and Canada’s THE MOTHERCRAFT, and even though their name rang a bell or two as something familiar that I’ve already crossed paths with in the past (well, I obviously hadn’t), it proved to be a brand new fuzzy Stoner-laden trio which I instantly fell in love with. “Pillars” marks the band’s debut EP, so, ladies and gentlemen, here’s THE MOTHERCRAFT! Drum roll, please!

Damn, the way the opening track “Cosmic Nod” enters the room with a highly-hooking TRUCKFIGHTERS-meets-RUSH vibe that is impossible to overlook or leave you indifferent. Sure, I admit I had to double-check that between THE MOTHERCRAFT bearded members I hadn’t missed a female presence, because the moment the vocals appear into the mix, I’d bet my right arm that what I was hearing was coming from female vocal chords, but apparently I was mistaken, since the strangely feminine vocals belong to a gentleman. But it’s not only that that will draw your attention to THE MOTHERCRAFT’s world; the Stoner-mixed-with-Hard Rock groove will grab you by the neck, while the warm, fuzzy basslines will sweeten the deal even more. And that’s not all; SABBATH-like “Moonrider” will totally satisfy your dark soul with its Sludge-y breeze in the chorus, while “It Follows” will drag you deeper in the mud with the QOTSA-laden, laid-back mood. Unfortunately, all the unexpectedly good things have an end (!), and closing “Sorceress In Blue” drops the curtain too soon – or it feels too soon after that hooky riffage that manages to condense all the good virtues (groove, catchiness, fun) these guys have followed to the t.

I can almost hear some whiners out there complaining “not another Stoner Rock band!”, but let me tell you that THE MOTHERCRAFT may not reinvent the wheel, but play intense, high quality Rock music with style and hunger, so for that, you should at least give them a chance. 3... 2... 1... Liftoff!





01. Cosmic Nod
02. Moonrider
03. It Follows
04. Sorceress In Blue


Geoff Keller - Drums
Grizz Penner - Bass, Vocals
Jordan LeMoine - Guitars, Vocals