Mountains - Dust In The Glare

Mountains - Dust In The Glare

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(CD/LP, Rock Freaks Records, 2017)

One of the reasons I love the ‘end-of-the-year’ lists is that there is a good chance I may lock ears and eyes on something really great that, for whatever the reason, had stayed under my radar earlier this year – or it was buried under the tons of promo material we constantly receive. Released back in March 2017, UK’s MOUNTAINS“Dust In The Glare” belongs to this category, and I’m so happy I randomly check their social media page out (something I do most of the times to scout for new stuff falling in my cup of tea and find some fresh-out-of-the-oven kickass tunes). And I mean, “wow, man!” – this album is a riff-antastic Heavy Psych piece of music with tons of layers to peel off, walking fearlessly between the underground Stoner Rock and the Prog-Rock line...

The first thing you’ll notice while blasting opening track “Everglades” is MOUNTAINS’ catchy yet immense sound, wrap into ‘70s fuzzy psychedelia, with David Jupp’s vocals carrying some of that damned melancholy Magnus Pelander used to spread through the early WITCHCRAFT works. Pretty intriguing, right? Well, it won’t take long ‘till (my personal favorite) “Lonely Cities” fill the room and your heart with the kind of sweet Prog-gy groove that brings to mind the Greek rockers SOCRATES and haunt your mind for days. You should have figured out by now that MOUNTAINS create catchy yet refreshing music, with roots that go four decades in the past, while at the same time they sound innovative without being repetitive, boring or out-of-league. And the jam-my, Bluesy-looking “Towards The Woods” comes at the right time to prove exactly that, while “Ten Paces” knocks the door down with a more Stoner-laden mood, revealing one more ace up on MOUNTAINSsleeve. The drumming sounds sweetly aggressive and natural, the guitars are mellow and clear in the right occasions and David screams his heart out (touching occasionally Eddie Vedder’s hue), putting the icing on the cake. And in case you call for one or two additional reasons to fearlessly invest on “Dust In The Glare”, mammoth-like “Fortress” and the short-in-duration instrumental “Ithaca” have you totally covered.

If you’re on a constant hunt for the next underground gem that is not the typical drug-addicted Desert Rock-sounding album, then MOUNTAINS“Dust In The Glare” is the perfect pick, so do yourself a favor and soon enough you’ll be indulging into their Prog / Stoner / Grunge-y amalgam. And yes, you can thank me later...





01. Everglades
02. Lonely Cities
03. Towards The Woods
04. Ten Paces
05. Keep Watch
06. Fortress
07. Ithaca
08. Dust In The Glare


David Jupp - Vocals, Guitar
Josh Hussey - Drums
Chris Randall - Bass