Demon Eye - Prophecies And Lies

Demon Eye - Prophecies And Lies

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(CD, Soulseller Records, 2017)

Coincidence or not, I thought it was rather out of the ordinary when digging into new music a few years back and getting stuck on three bands (within a week or two), COLOSSUS (now MEGA COLOSSUS), BLOODY HAMMERS and last but not least DEMON EYE. There was this gloomy vibe and a special touch with the bands I really liked, all of them had it, even if their style of music varied. Then realizing all were from North Carolina it became, at that time, the NC sound.

None of the bands' sound especially much like that nowadays which is a bit unfortunate since I liked it. Also, it stood out as unique. DEMON EYE today have a more standardized Groove Doom sound, that '70s Crunchy and a little fuzzy distortion. On the other hand, in “Prophecies And Lies”, DEMON EYE's third full length album, they serve a chaplet of fantastic tracks which outdo their earlier releases; from opening “The Waters And The Wild” with the SABBATH-eque riffs and tempo changes to equally groovy closer “Morning’s Son”. It's fascinating when analyzing a record like this as the references become the same for these two songs but they certainly don't sound alike. The first of the two represents the early '70s SABBATH sound while the second a later era. Still, nothing is ripped off from the original.

These are just two samples of the album but it holds much more than that. A song that struck immediately was the stomp-y “Infinite Regress”; I love the changes in the rhythm and phrasing of the riffs and its dynamics. Those small pauses in the riffs build up the pace and work perfectly towards the mellow midsection. And then, the goodies just keep coming; first the up-tempo “Dying for It” followed by trotting “Politic Devine”. “Power Of One” and “Vagabond” might as well be thrown in there too. The references are still the same, as already mentioned, but again, no song really sounds like the other. All this while DEMON EYE still stick to their standards.

“Prophecies And Lies” is a unity but putting it on repeat there are a few tracks passing by in a blur, as they don't strike as hard as that fabulous mid-section. Still, there are no songs I’d skip when playing the record. It's perhaps too much to say that DEMON EYE will be a replacement for BLACK SABBATH now that they've disbanded. But they can definitely contribute with a good chuck to fill that gap with this “Prophecies And Lies” record.





01. The Waters And The Wild
02. In The Spider’s Eye
03. The Redeemer
04. Kismet
05. Infinite Regress
06. Dying For It
07. Politic Devine
08. Power Of One
09. Vagabond
10. Prophecies And Lies
11. Morning’s Son


Erik Sugg - Guitar, Vocals
Larry Burlison - Lead Guitar
Paul Walz - Bass
Bill Eagen - Drums, Vocals