The Petulant - Dictum

The Petulant - Dictum

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(CD, Mighty Music, 2017)

It was really long since I had last dug into an album of the more brutal kind. With the selection of material to work with, I've really moved away from Death & Black Metal these last few years, so I'm definitely a bit rusty when it comes to this genre. Danish THE PETULANT are not. I love it when bands can generate an old-school feel in the music and still have a modern production.

The riffs in opening “Toying With The Infinite” are crisp and clear and there's a lot of oomph in the sound. Still, there's dynamics and, apart from the kick, it sounds organic. The triggered kick fits the music in a good way and it's not as topped as it can be. I really enjoy the mix of precision riffing and more atmospheric progression, it's technical but still flows smoothly.

The beat in “Ulterior Doctrines” - which follows - is really cool. It feels like it is turned around here and there and it sure holds a good tempo. It's basically the same with “Reanimated” too; this song is taken down in pace in the chorus though which makes it very heavy. Initially, I drew references to the last few DEATH albums. The technicality and melodies are there and there's a lot of fines in THE PETULANT’s music. A few spins later, the connection isn't there anymore. Perhaps, in the “Rituals” track, parts of the riffs are in a higher pitch and then it definitely touches upon the geniality of Chuck Schuldiner. The slow introduction of “My Ceasar” reminds me of the first two PARADISE LOST albums; it definitely touches upon Death / Funeral Doom this track. The verses though are a lot sharper and playing with dissonance. It all sounds fantastic and this is my favorite of the album, perhaps since this one is much closer what I listen to in general than the rest of the record.

Also, the massive album closer “The Nation” stands out immediately; it's dark and dramatic and I really like that. The track is a true epic and the groove in the riffs is phenomenal. Things like this is why I like this type of music, so THE PETULANT have definitely done a good job with their first full length “Dictum”.





01. Toying With The Infinite
02. Ulterior Doctrines
03. Disciples
04. Reanimated
05. Cadaverous Carnival
06. My Caesar
07. Extremist
08. Rituals
09. Dehumanized
10. The Nation


Asbjörn Steffensen - Bass, Vocals
Kræn Meier - Guitar
Mads Gath - Guitar
Lukas Meier - Drums