Sea - The Grip Of Time

Sea - The Grip Of Time

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(CD, Mighty Music, 2017)

To dig in to the Danish Hard Rock / Heavy Metal scene has been like walking in the woods looking for chanterelles. You know they are there but you never expect to find anything when suddenly there's something bright golden yellow that's not a leaf and you get all excited and say, at least there was one. Then, looking a bit further, there's another and another and suddenly the whole ground around you is golden rather than green. SEA is yet another discovery which sounds amazing, both live and on record. “The Grip Of Time” is the band's second album but the first I ever hear from them.

“Rust” sneaks/starts going from very mellow to a gloomy and heavy riff before it takes off for real and reveals a perfect mix between the '70s and the '80s. The beat and the drive in the verses are fantastic and Anders Brink's powerful voice is fully used in the chorus-line. It sounds fantastic as the song is taken down to that initial heavy passage from the intro in the choruses. Stompy Once We Were Dead” continues in the same vein although it is rather different. Again, there's an up-tempo verse and mid-tempo chorus, the verses lean more towards basic Rock though.

“Shout” reeks of '70s Hard Rock spiced up with some Blues. There's also a touch of the mid '90s when Grunge and the first wave of Stoner played its part and it was ok to be a skilled musician again. Swedish bands as fantastic MENTAL HIPPIE BLOOD and SKINTRADE come to mind. Mellow “No Dawn” stood out when SEA played at the ‘Nordic Noise Festival’ around the time for the release of “The Grip Of Time” album. RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE and the “Seven Star” BLACK SABBATH-era are close at hand describing this song. The dynamics and melodies are fantastic and it is a heavy piece. I love how the album sounds in general but especially for this song it really stands out. It's rare for a band to have this type of dynamics and old school organic sound these days while still sounding modern.

There are two more songs that stood out leaving the record on, super heavy “Back To The Ground”. The Rock-hard riff in the verse is fantastic and the amazingly thick distortion sound is just fabulous. Then, the more up-tempo “The Stranger Within” with its super-catchy chorus-line and what's done here I kind of miss a bit on the rest of the album. It's a petty to complain as it sounds fantastic but the frenzy in Anders’ voice here breaks out. When getting this served towards the end of the album some of the vocal lines on the rest of the album perhaps feel a bit safe. Ok, there's nothing safe about the chorus in “No Dawn” but just imagine what it would have sounded like with a piece of this cracked voice showing up in “The Stranger Within”...

Everything with “The Grip Of Time” sounds very good and with an album like this SEA sure deserves all the awards they've won as a band. Perhaps each song is stronger on its own than together as a record. I miss a piece here and there to stir things up playing it from start to finish. But absolutely, SEA has managed to create a rather unique sound and the show has just begun.





01. Rust
02. Once We Were Dead
03. Time Will Let You Know
04. Shout
05. No Dawn
06. Back To The Ground
07. Sing For Your Right
08. Dust Will Fall
09. The Stranger Within
10. Sea


Anders Brink - Vocals, Guitar
Anders Kargaard - Guitar
Maico Thyge - Bass
Jonas Bangstrup - Drums