Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever

Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever

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(CD, Nuclear Blast, 2011)

I am not really sure if I wanted to see a new DECAPITATED release. The truth is a band shouldn’t stop after losing one of its members (except if we’re talking about the founder / leader of the band like in DEATH or something), but the Polish legion lost half its line up and went on a hiatus. Things will never be the same and I guess that’s something Vogg knows. Anyway, let’s take a look at the story so far...

The band was formed back in 1996, when its members were only about 16 years old. After a few demo releases, the band presented  the debut full-length album “Winds Of Creation” in 2000 and that’s where it all started. The band quickly became one of the most legendary Polish Death Metal bands and gained worldwide recognition. Things turned really bad though, when in 2007 there was a bus accident that during a tour in Russia. The band’s drummer Vitek (Vogg’s brother) passed away and DECAPITATED’s vocalist Covan is still bedridden fighting to get back to normal life.

After 3-4 years of inactivity, Vogg decided it was time to get the band rolling again with a new line up. Heinrich from VESANIA, MASACHIST etc on bass, THORNS OF IVY’s Krimh and Rafal Piotrowski of KETHA fame are Vogg’s new comrades. The first thing that kind of confused me was the album’s cover artwork. It was the first thing that was revealed and to tell you the truth I didn’t really like it and it wasn’t like DECAPITATED at all. Anyway, let’s get down to the music now.

“Carnival Is Forever” picks up where “Organic Hallucinosis” left off and I know most deathsters out there won’t be really happy about that. The Polish squad presents a more modern and technical and even less Death Metal side, something I cannot really describe as a positive change. The album kicks off with an almost Mathcore part that reminded me of TEXTURES and MESHUGGAH. “Carnival Is Forever” continues on the same pattern with technical breaks, uptempo shredding and some guitar leads here and there that try to break the monotony. The album also features a kickass sound, as expected, but unfortunately it never managed to amaze me.

I’m not saying it is bad. It just didn’t amaze me. When it comes to DECAPITATED I guess it is reasonable for me to have some expectations. What I got after many listening sessions is nothing more than a decent Progressive Death/Thrash album with some Math influences. If it was released by TEXTURES the rating could be a couple of points higher.





01. The Knife
02. United
03. Carnival Is Forever
04. Homo Sum
05. 404
06. A View From A Hole
07. Pest
08. Silence


Rafal Piotrowski - Vocals
Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka - Guitar
Filip “Heinrich” Halucha - Bass
Kerim “Krimh” Lechner - Drums