Paradise Lost - Medusa

Paradise Lost - Medusa

(CD/LP, Nuclear Blast, 2017)

The rumors said PARADISE LOST was going back to the sound and style from their first two albums, “Lost Paradise” and “Gothic”, for the new "Medusa" record. And absolutely, they've really managed to capture the essence of their own old school sound. Their trademark Doom / Death mix is there, both when it comes to the sound and also in the music. What I really like though is that they didn't just take a step back to the early days but incorporated that in their contemporary sound. And that is what makes it work, at least if you ask me.

Slow “Fearless Sky” sucks you in to the music right away and “Gods Of Ancient” carries on in the same vein. I was a little bit surprised that the record starts off slow and Doom-y since I was expecting to be a bit faster. “Gods Of Ancient” contains essentials which are prominent on the “Gothic” album. PARADISE LOST have a very distinct sound and it has mainly to do with the guitar-arrangements. For the rhythm parts, it is in the harmonies they’re using and there're of course Gregor Mackintosh's distinct melodies on top of it. And it was on that second record it really got through. “From The Gallows” feels more like the newer records and the up-beat tempo is really welcome. And it's here where record takes off for real.

What I miss with “Medusa” are the hooks and choruses to stick. This has been one of PARADISE LOST's strongest features over the years. Like “Embers Fire” or “True Belief” from “Icon” or “Hallowed Land” and “Once Solemn” from “Draconian Times”. There are also samples on the newer records, the title track from “Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us” or “Fear Of Impending Hell” from “Tragic Idol”. “Medusa” has been spinning frequently and a massive number of times and even if I think it's a very good record, nothing really sticks. PARADISE LOST come very close with the title track and with “No Passage For The Dead”. What I really love with the latter of the two is the lead-heavy, town-tuned riff and then Gregor's unmistakable type of guitar melody on top of it. Also, the fact that it's lightened up here and there creates a great dynamic and it sounds awesome. Another favorite from the record is “Until The Grave”, last one out. It's wonderfully gloomy and melancholic. There are a lot of emotions going around so it feels like a mix between hope and despair and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

The Halifax quintet's 15th album is a good one. I really enjoy it that PARADISE LOST are back to their roots when it comes to the Heavy and dark parts in their music but also that they've kept the fines and feel they've had on their last few records. I just miss something to really hook me in.





01. Fearless Sky
02. Gods Of Ancient
03. From The Gallows
04. The Longest Winter
05. Medusa
06. No Passage For The Dead
07. Blood & Chaos
08. Until The Grave


Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Aaron Aedy - Rhythm Guitar
Stephen Edmondson - Bass
Waltteri Väyrynen - Drums