Surtur - Descendant Of Time

Surtur - Descendant Of Time

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(CD, Private, 2015)

On occasion, something as special as a band from Bangladesh shows up in the inbox for reviewing purposes. I'm always curious about bands from these less standard Metal countries to see what they're up to. SURTUR convinced me during the first spin of their debut EP “Descendant Of Time”.

After a gloomy and fateful intro, “Prologue To Chaos”, the fury breaks loose in the title track. Ok, we're still talking about old-school Thrash Metal here, nothing really new about the music but it is definitely good. I love the naivety as it feels like everything is going a little bit too fast, a little bit out of control. But that's what makes it so good. This is old-school for real. Playing this to someone not knowing what it is it should be fairly easy to fool any metalhead that this is a hidden gem from the early days of the Bay Area scene; both taking tracks and production under consideration.

“Maggot Filled Brain” has a bit more structure, some technical twists and without letting go of the speed it sounds raw and furious. I really prefer this honesty in music rather than the modern compressed productions and adjusted instruments. This is alive, it's vibrant and fun. The pace goes up even more with “Demolisher” and it's awesome. Songs like this makes me happy, it's crazy in a good way and it sounds great. Full speed ahead.

Bangladeshi Thrash Metal sounds pretty much like everything else and SURTUR should definitely have the future for them if they manage to get out in the scene.





01. Prologue To Chaos
02. Descendant Of Time
03. Maggot Filled Brain
04. Demolisher


Riasat Azmi - Vocals
Shadman Omee - Guitar
Masnun Efaz - Bass
Rifat Rafi - Drums