The Quireboys - White Trash Blues

The Quireboys - White Trash Blues

(CD, Off Yer Rocka Recordings, 2017)

I'm not all that into Blues - not on record at least. But I really do like THE QUIREBOYS and have been doing so since I’ve first heard “Hey You” on MTV, eons ago. So, it was with both anticipation and reluctance I took on “White Trash Blues”. I felt excited since it’s new stuff from THE QUIREBOYS but a bit bummed out that it was a selection of Blues tracks, covers...

But there are a few things that make “White Trash Blues” work for me. First and foremost, it is the groove and dynamics THE QUIREBOYS have in their music - these are not plain and boring copies in any way. The music is vibrant and played in a way that's very appealing as it appears to be live. But then I'm not at all familiar with most of the songs on the album which makes it appear them feel as originals rather than covers or interpretations of old hits. “Cross Eyed Cat” which opens the album is a very good example; it sounds filthy and mean, even if it is a slow-groovin' track. The annoying repetitive lick makes it hypnotic and Spike's raspy voice on top of it really works. The same can be said about “Take Out Some Insurance”; it has a more standard beat though but again the dynamics is fantastic.

The Soul-touched “Going Down” could have been easily one of THE QUIREBOYS own songs - at least considering how it sounds in this instance. The arrangement here makes it really heavy and the piano rhythm sounds fantastic. “Leaving Trunk” was released as a single about a month before this one and as this is a real old school track the make-over has done it well. The funky groove works and gives it more edge. Also, the guitars, and how they sort of compete for attention without drowning either of them in the mix, creates a very cool effect. And it's rare that the stereo-effect mix is as prominent on an album today as it here. I really like that.

The songs I do know then; no, they didn't strike as hard, even if the lift given to them does them real justice. It's only “I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man” that goes down really well since I really like that one, regardless of version.

To my surprise, I really enjoyed “White Trash Blues”; I like the groove and that it is heavy. So, most of my concerns before digging into the album were wiped out clean. However, I do think these songs would be even better on a sweaty club with THE QUIREBOYS on stage playing it and with a beer in hand.





01. Cross  Eyed Cat
02. Boom Boom
03. I Wish You Would
04. Take Out Some Insurance
05. Going Down
06. Help Me
07. Shame Shame Shame
08. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
09. Leaving Trunk
10. I’m A King Bee
11. Walking The Dog
12. Little Queenie


Spike - Vocals
Guy Griffin - Guitar
Paul Guerin - Guitar
Keith Weir - Keyboards
Nick Mailing - Bass
Dave McCluskey - Drums