Resistance - Metal Machine

Resistance - Metal Machine

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(CD, No Remorse, 2017)

There's no doubt there are a lot of good things going on in the US Heavy Metal scene and they have been so for a long time. Also, the US version of Heavy / Power Metal is very close to my heart. I've been following RESISTANCE for a little more than a decade already and always enjoyed their music. It's been good straight through. I expected nothing less from “Metal Machine”, the band's third full length album. It still came as a surprise to me being one hell of a record and it struck immediately. Opening track, as well as title track set a very good mood immediately. The attack and force are there and plus, the song is very catchy. I love it when the chorus is lightened up compared to the verses. That's the case here and there was nothing more to do to crank up the volume and enjoy.

And this is what I really love with “Metal Machine”; it's a pleasant sound on the record, it's a good mix of old school organic and a clear and powerful modern sound, still with a lot of dynamics and life in it. Robert Hett’s voice matches the music and it all feel very together, mixing perfectly. Also, second song “Hail To The Horns” goes down well; it is more towards classic Heavy Metal it is and should be a good song for the live stage with an easy to sing-along-to chorus line. Then, listen to the initial riff in “Rise And Defend” and say it's not a turn-on. It’s heavy and powerful and I love the dynamics of the song. This one adds yet another level to RESISTANCE’s music on the “Metal Machine” album as it is heavy as hell and the riffs are very dark. Not far from US Power masters SHOK PARIS in their heaviest moments.

The vocal arrangements as well as the background riffs in “Some Gave All” - at least in the verse have resemblances to contemporary ICED EARTH - again, it's a very catchy chorus but definitely lighter than anything else on the record. The raw “Time Machine” is up next, a speedy tune. Again, I love that the pace is taken down in the chorus and that is a perfect mix between MEGADETH and ELEGY, US meets Europe, raw meets neat and so one. And I think that’s the key, RESISTANCE have a lot of the European Heavy / Power Metal sound in their music too and it sure works. This one is definitely a favorite on the record. It's easy to draw parallels to other bands in RESISTANCE’s music, in that sense it's not utterly original. However, nothing is stolen straight off and the mix of everything creates a somewhat unique style. Not that this matters, “Metal Machine” is a good and fun Heavy Metal album and that is what counts.

To wrap this up, I’ll add that RESISTANCE do a very decent version of the SCORPIONS classic “Blackout” but as always, I would have preferred another original in place of this as the record clocks just over half an hour as it is. But it feels like everything fell into place for RESISTANCE this time, and with “Metal Machine”, they've created one damn good record rising above anything else they've done over the years.





01. The Metal Machine
02. Hail To The Horns
03. Rise And Defend
04. Some Gave All
05. Time Machine
06. Dirty Side Down
07. Heroes
08. Blackout (SCORPIONS cover)


Robert Hett - Vocals
Burke Morris - Guitars
Dan Luna - Guitars
Paul Shigo - Bass
Matt Ohnemus - Drums