Disharmony - The Abyss Noir

Disharmony - The Abyss Noir

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(CD, GrimmDistribution, 2017)

I don’t remember if it was a case of Metal Archives or MySpace bingo (randomly clicking or next band until something interesting shows up) where I first found out about DISHARMONY. It was something like that at least and I was highly impressed with what I heard. Their progressive Heavy / Power Metal with a huge NEVERMORE complex couldn't fail in my world. I loved it. Also, catching them live and seeing that they could pull it off, just added to the picture. And then, they disappeared! Until “The Abyss Noir”, the band's second full length album, showed up in my promo-pool, curiosity took over and I couldn't resist it.

And I'm glad I didn't, as I love their dark and gloomy style of complex Metal. The NEVERMORE vibes are still there roaming around the more fateful songs like “The Learning” or “This Godless Endeavour”, it's epic, dramatic and melancholic. It's a particular style which perhaps doesn't appeal to the greater masses. But if the description sounds interesting, then DISHARMONY is well worth checking out. As with most Greek bands making it in the scene, everything is flawless and Chris Kounelis is a very good vocalist with a great range and a lot of emotion in his voice. I think they could have benefited with a clearer production though as the whole sound is a bit dimmed and muddy.

The flow and dynamics in the opener as well as title track “The Abyss Noir” is fantastic though and I really enjoy the complex song-structure which is very well balanced with strong melodies. Dynamic “Dilerium” is definitely one of the best tracks of the “The Abyss Noir” album reaching from psychedelic to really heavy riffs. It's perhaps not that striking during the first 1-2-3 spins but the more I listen, the more I like this one.

Also, “This Caravan” is a spectacular song being more traditional to the genre and I really like the gnawing verse riff with the disharmonic chords. When it's released into a more melodic passage, it really sends shivers down my spine. Things like these were what got me stuck in the first place and I still love it. The mellow album closer “A Song For A Friend” is another fantastic piece of music, dark and doomy. The first half is acoustic which makes it very heavy when it kicks off in the second half. And with this song DISHARMONY certainly earn their 'Doom' label. Again, it's a flawless musical performance, beautiful melodies and for this track the production fits very well. It all becomes soft and gloomy and finishes off “The Abyss Noir” in a very good way.

The album also includes a cover of METALLICA's “Disposable Heroes” which of course both is a good song and a cool track to cover. DISHARMONY did a very nice version of it as well but as I usually say, I prefer originals in front of covers, especially when the record is as short as this one is. It's just around 36 minutes including the 8-minute METALLICA epos.

Musically “The Abyss Noir” is a very decent album but sound-wise it feels a bit primitive for the style and I think some of the band’s fines get drown in the production. It definitely got my interest up for DISHARMONY again though.





01. The Abyss Noir
02. Vain Messiah
03. Delirium"
04. This Caravan
05. Disposable Heroes (METALLICA cover)
06. A Song For A Friend


Chris Kounelis - Vocals
Stefanos Georgitsopoulos - Guitars
John Karousiotis - Guitars
Panagiotis Gatsopoulos - Bass
Thanos Pappas - Drums