Vescera - Beyond The Fight

Vescera - Beyond The Fight

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(CD, Pure Steel, 2017)

I've always loved Michael Vescera's voice - whether it's been with OBSESSION, KILLING MACHINE, LOUDNESS or Yngwie Malmsteen, he's always been fantastic. I was so thrilled to see him perform at ‘Keep It True’ in 2010, where, of course, he sounded fantastic live. However, I've never experienced such complete turnaround for someone or something ever before. There was a tribute to CRIMSON GLORY, who he claimed had meant a lot to him and then excusing himself for not knowing the song they were about to play. What a turn off...

So I wasn't sure I wanted to take in “Beyond The Fight” at all, but curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a spin. One round and he's forgiven... Of course, this is the NITEHAWKS' 2015 album “Vendetta” in a new suite which again gives me mixed feelings. It's great that it comes out again, since the record is great and at the same time it feels a bit sad that NITEHAWKS themselves couldn't enjoy the success the record deserved. But hell yes, we are talking about classy Heavy / Power Metal here, fantastic melodies and crazy riffs. Album opener “Blackout In Paradise” strikes immediately, I'm a sucker for songs when the chorus-line is taken down to half tempo in an else up-tempo track. Another favorite is the fast “Stand And Fight” where Michael shows he's a great screamer these days too with his falsettos being so crisp they can cut through glass.

It is the variation and dynamics that really make “Beyond The Fight” stand over many other records. Take “Looking For Trouble” with the changes between the very airy verses, the gnawing bridge and the more classic Hard Rock type chorus line. It's fascinating that such mix of styles flows so smooth. It certainly shows the skills of the band backing up Mr. Vescera. It's similar with “Vendetta” even if the tracks are very different from each other; there are still different passages reaching over multi-style Metal but floats great together. And I really like the hard and stomp-y chorus.

The chorus-line for “Never Letting Go” is annoyingly sticky and it was the first thing that started to haunt me from the album - one spin and I had it in my head for weeks. That one in particular is not my favorite part of “Beyond The Fight”; I love the rest of the song though and I guess the chorus serves its purpose since it is very memorable. Closing “Suite 95” is another good one and feels like it is wrapping up the album in a good way. It's epic in a way but still contains most of the elements present on the “Beyond The Fight”; speed, melodies, riffs and Michael's great voice.

This is definitely a very good record, no doubt about that, but it was good in the NITEHAWKS version too. Definitely worth checking out though, if you're into Heavy / Power Metal, US Style.





01. Blackout In Paradise
02. In The Night
03. Stand And Fight
04. Dynamite
05. Looking For Trouble
06. Vendetta
07. Troubled Man
08. Never Letting Go
09. Suite 95


Michael Vescera - Vocals
Mike Petrone - Guitar
Frank Leone - Bass
Fabio Alessandrini - Drums