Mist Of Misery - Shackles Of Life

Mist Of Misery - Shackles Of Life

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(EP, Black Lion Productions, 2017)

I’ve always believed that the best season to better enjoy Symphonic / atmospheric Black Metal is during summer, simply because the frozen-tinted riffing, the icy-cold atmosphere and the relentless vocal-shrieking seem to provide some relief from the sky-rocketing heat and the unbearable humidity and is able to take away some of the season’s frustration / temperature-problems. So, it seems that Swedish symphonic Black metallers MIST OF MISERY have chosen the perfect time for the release of their upcoming EP / mini album “Shackles Of Life”, throwing some of the best atmospheric tunes on the table I’ve recently heard.

“Shackles Of Life” lifts the curtain of the self-titled EP with a melancholic piano melody that will instantly get stuck, making you think that this is a well-known tune, but wait, till the violins step up to the plate, right before Mortuz’s shrieking that welcomes the listener to the MIST OF MISERY world. Yes, you’ve guessed right; atmosphere and Black Metal seem to go hand-in-hand in this album, and you’ll find yourselves headbanging following the catchy riffage in no time. Ok, the production is probably too ‘clean’ for this type of Metal, but since everything is performed to the t, I’ll take it without second thoughts, having the chance to listen to every instrument that contributes to the entire “Shackles Of Life” audio puzzle. The alteration between soft, melodic moments and aggressive blast-beats is really successful and showcases from the very first tunes MIST OF MISERY’s ability to maintain the perfect balance. The 2-minute shy Placid Drowning” serves perfectly the purpose of a soft, dreamy interlude for “Broken Chains” that enters the room with angelic, female vocals, before passing the baton to the airy-cold yet depressively monotonous riffing and the desperate-sounded vocals that I bet will make the hair at the back of your neck to stand up. But I have to admit that I mostly enjoyed the TIAMAT-esque “Dagon” and its “The Sleeping Beauty”-galloping type that at same time woke up some early ‘90s memories of the genre. Sure, Mortuz’s vocals follow more the Black Metal norms here than what Hellslaughter’s ones do (aka Johan Edlund), but still, the overall atmosphere and the mesmerizing effect are there. Add to all this the Beethoven-esque breeze “Closing Chapter” brings to the equation as the first listening session of the EP comes to end, and there you have a well-crafted release of which the only complaint that leaves behind is its short duration (29 minutes).

Really, there is no much to add here; from the first listening of “Shackles Of Life”, MIST OF MISERY totally convinced me that great things are ahead, and I can’t wait for their next discographic step. Well done, guys!





01. Shackles Of Life
02. Placid Drowning
03. Broken Chains
04. A Dreamless Void
05. Dagon
06. Opening Chapter To A Solitary Confinement
07. Closing Chapter


Mortuz Denatus - Vocals, Keys, Programming
Phlegathon - Guitar
Livsnekaren - Drums
Damian - Bass