Decapitated - Anticult

Decapitated - Anticult

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(CD, Nuclear Blast, 2017)

I believe it goes without saying that eastern European countries have established a solid tradition on giving birth to some of the greatest extreme Metal bands out there, and that, of course, Poland has its fair share among them. And even though our beloved DECAPITATED have started their route in discography by stepping exclusively on tech Death Metal territories, producing some of the best moments of the genre, it seems that they felt the need to expand their songwriting, meaning that they didn’t get trapped inside the sound that made them recognizable and successful. To me, this can only be considered as success in my book, so let’s see together what their seventh studio offering “Anticult” has in store for us...

...and that is inevitable Polish Death Metal onslaught, topped off by some of the best groovy (and catchy) riffs DECAPITATED have ever written. Don’t get me wrong though; I am not saying that they’ve totally abandoned their previous style and you won’t find a single moment of that tech methodological song-crafting, but it feels that here things have gotten more straightforward, hence the evolution of the DECAPITATED sound I was talking about. From the first tunes of the album opener “Impulse”, two things are immediately evident: a) once again DECAPITATED do things their own way (since they’ve never been a straight-up Death Metal act), and b) the whole sound feels like it’s drawn inspiration straight from SEPULTURA’s 1993-period in every aspect (Max’s ‘traditional’ vocals, groovy guitars, overall aggression). Sure, the groovy catchiness of “Deathvaluation” may come as a shocker, but if you listen closely, not really; the complex structures, the crushing drumming and the sticking-to-mind songwriting are still there, while DECAPITATED manage to sound more like ‘straight-shooters’ - at least, to my ears. And I really like that. Just check the PANTERA-infused solo in 03’:05’’ (right after the climax), or the immediacy for headbanging the following (and personal favorite) “Kill The Cult” provokes - no unnecessary brakes, no complex guitar-chitchatting, just pure, aggressive awesomeness!

As expected, catchiness and ambience are delivered in “One-Eyed Nation”, while the almost 4-minute “Anger Line” drags that Cavalera-flair I was talking about earlier, making me think that Rafał must have seriously studied Max’s ‘how-to-growl-and-sound-monstrously-awesome’ notebook. And while “Earth Scar” puts the pedal to the metal, showcasing once again DECAPITATED’s ability to not only compose, but perform to the max all those finger-licking solos and riff-changes, “Never” offers some more D-standard delicacy the PANTERA / THE HAUNTED way.

Without a doubt, “Anticult” marks DECAPITATED’s most evolving / less ‘tech mad’ album at the same time, containing some of their best ‘to-the-point’ and solid songwriting that showcase a band that really worked hard and has not just produced one more record as an excuse for more touring. After spending lots of listening time, I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy this one, even though you’re not belong to the ‘biggest fans of the band’ category. Yet...





01. Impulse
02. Deathvaluation
03. Kill The Cult
04. One-Eyed Nation
05. Anger Line
06. Earth Scar
07. Never
08. Amen


Vogg - Guitars
Rafał Piotrowski - Vocals
Młody - Drums
Hubert Wiecek - Bass