Kemerov - FMKD

(CD, Vault Relics, 2017)

I’m always in search of bands that have something ‘new’ to say, and especially of the ones who like to combine a couple of different genres in order to create a more enticing result. A latest addition to this peculiar list of preferences of mine comes from Serres, Greece and listens to the name KEMEROV. This band - quoting the press release - “had an impact on the extreme music underground realm with their self-titled EP in late 2015”, but reached my vaults just a couple of weeks ago with their debut “FMKD”. In case you’d like a brief description of what KEMEROV sounds like, I’d say to combine a generous dose of early KVELERTAK, add a dash of Fernando Ribeiro’s distinct vocals and a pinch of your favorite Punk band, and there you have it? Interesting, right? Ok, then keep reading...

...because the minute the opening track “New Order” kicks in blasting and shouting with all those air-raid sirens and the gun-shot drumming, you’ll find yourself humming the melodic guitar lead in no time, while the Punk Rock colors of KEMEROV start to take shape in front of your open (and curious) ears. Yes, Matt’s vocals have that growling beauty I love in MOONSPELL frontman’s way of singing, and combined to the aggressive and straight-forward Punk guitars, will get you hooked on KEMEROV’s Death ‘n Roll at once. “TV-bred” continues down the same path (and yeah, you’d probably felt that “Blodtørst” vibe too) and you’ll be glad to realize that even the eleven songs provided here are short in duration, the amount of fun they offer is inversely proportional to that, and they get you involved the headbanging way instantly. The infectious Docile Sheep and my personal favorite Slay Your Sonare some great examples of these guys’ brilliant musicianship, with a hearty bunch of ripping riffs, Punk-y basslines, solid drum work and finger-licking vocals (which by the way are clear and easy to understand) - plus, especially in the latter, you’ll be able to spot some well-hidden MOTÖRHEAD-laden guitar influences as well. Add to all this, the clean and natural production that give every instrument its own space and you have a solid piece of modern Punk album that will stick to many CD players - once it finds its way there, of course.

I know that many listeners (or music-consumers, as I like to call them) don’t like to give high ratings to debut releases and speak highly of them, since they don’t seem to trust that a newbie can continue down the same road with equal success, but to me, “FMKD” feels and sounds like a brilliant and solid set of songs that will stay with me for long periods of time, so I don’t see the reason why I shouldn’t put my money (and trust) on KEMEROV. Keep up the good work, guys - we definitely love you!





01. New Order
02. TV-bred
03. Docile Sheep
04. Slay Your Son
05. Species
06. Plague Of Nations
07. The Better Man (SICKS DAZE cover)
08. Murdered In The Steppe
09. Gargoyle Keep
10. Sane
11. FMKD


Matt Karampalios - Vocals
Giorgos Tsapkinis - Guitar
Spiros Diamantidis - Bass
Tasos Diamantidis - Drums