Glenn Hughes - Resonate

Glenn Hughes - Resonate

(CD, Frontiers, 2016)

I saw DEEP PURPLE at Fyrishov in Uppsala, Sweden sometime in the '90s (it must have been during the ‘Purpendicular’ tour) and then I got a flyer saying Glenn Hughes was playing a club downtown and the DEEP PURPLE ticket granted free entrance to that show. Before this, Glenn hadn’t made a huge impression on me - ok, I’d only seen him do a few songs on the Zeppelin Awards together with John Norum but the impression didn’t last. But hey, this was free, so he could absolutely get another shot. I thought I’d stay for a few songs since it was getting late, but before I knew it, Glenn and his band said "thank you and goodnight" and I realized a full 90 minutes or so set had passed.

After this, I’ve taken the chances I’ve gotten to see him live and with “Resonate” the records will go down well too. I mean, I’ve liked most what he’s been doing, especially BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, but also TRAPEZE and DEEP PURPLE and perhaps the most his adventure with Tony Iommi, but his solo stuff never really gotten stuck on me. So, it was a very pleasant surprise when the “Heavy” video was posted as a teaser for the “Resonate” album; damn Heavy and so catchy. I really enjoy the touches of Soul and Funk, which is what Glenn has been doing a lot of over the years and in the heavy tunes of “Resonate” this is there but never takes over. It’s the heavy and groovy riffs that are most prominent on the album together with very strong melodies.

Newer bands can tune down all they want but they can’t reach this Heavy sound no matter what, and you can check “Flow”, the Stoner oozing catchy song with the lead-heavy riff to see what I am trying to say. Ok, Søren Andersen is rather young however his talent surely matches the old school dynamics and finesse. He sure impressed me when I saw him with Glenn Hughes live at ‘Sweden Rock Festival’ this summer. Ok, that whole thing was one of my favorite shows of 2016, Glenn’s energy and precision and vocal abilities are phenomenal still. And all of this reflects in the performance on “Resonate” too. Take “Steady” as an example; the vocal lines in the verses are rather stiff and don’t contain a whole lot of melody but the music behind it, builds it up as well as carries the melody. Then the resolution in the chorus where the tempo is taken down and the vocal melody is lifted. It’s so fascinating how massive, intense, and heavy music can be and at the same time be very dynamic. There’s so much going on behind the chorus-lines it’s almost overwhelming and it all sounds fantastic. Keyboards and guitars succeed each other in a fantastic way. One of my absolute favorites from “Resonate” is the up-tempo “How Long”; the drive is amazing and even if the chorus is more Blues-y/Funk-y than the rest it goes down very well. And I love it when Glenn uses more power in the bridge and chorus. His voice sure is fantastic these days.

The first half of “Resonate” containing the heavier tracks is my favorite part of the album but the songs on the second half are absolutely amazing too. Mellow “When I Fall”, with the soul-feeling to it works really well, also so does the album closer “Long Time Gone”, even if it’s funkier than my taste normally allows. But it’s a good and very catchy track. On the deluxe edition of “Resonate” there’s a bonus track called “Nothing's The Same”, this one features Chad Smith on drums (as well as in the album opener “Heavy”). The bonus track is an acoustic ballad, the melancholy in the vocals are absolutely fantastic. Musically it’s minimalistic but it still feels full, the nerve is amazing. It’s definitely worth buying the deluxe edition to get this track.

I wouldn’t call Glenn Hughes “Resonate” as a Heavy Metal album; it’s damn Heavy though and should appeal to both Metal freaks and the ones into more '70s influenced stuff. For me, it’s a full hit record and it struck hard, haven’t put it down since I got it.





01. Heavy
02. My Town
03. Flow
04. Let It Shine
05. Steady
06. God Of Money
07. How Long
08. When I Fall
09. Landmines
10. Stumble & Go
11. Long Time Gone
12. Nothing's The Same (bonus - deluxe edition)


Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Søren Andersen - Guitars
Pontus Enborg - Drums & Percussion
Lachy Doley - Keyboards
Chad Smith - Drums on “Heavy” & “Long Time Gone”