Death Angel - The Evil Divide

Death Angel - The Evil Divide

(CD/LP, Nuclear Blast Records, 2016)

It seems like all the classic bands have found fresh energy these days. On the other hand, DEATH ANGEL have always been very energetic, especially live, but I must say it sure is a full hit they’ve released, titled “The Evil Divide”.

The three first songs of the album really set the mood high from the start with the frenzy riffing of “The Moth” which a rapid and at the same time very catchy tune. The character of the guitars is fantastic in terms of both the precision and speed. I really like the change between the speedy riff and the more rhythmic sections in between. Punky “Cause For Alarm” is next; ok, it’s basically just the chorus that is Punk-y and maybe the attitude of the song which feels angry and enraged. Not typically sounding for DEATH ANGEL but it sure works.

Mid-tempo “Lost” shows yet another side; this is a hit if you’d ask me because I really love the mix of rhythmic precision mixed with open chords. Also Mark Osegueda’s vocal lines are extremely catchy and even if it’s not a fast track, it’s one of the kind you want to crank up in the car and drive really fast. This should be fantastic live by being easy to headbang to for sure. This fantastic start of an album sure boosted my expectations for the rest of the record. And initially, I thought it became a blur after these three first killer tracks. But after a few more spins the rest started falling into place. “Father Of Lies” and “Hell To Pay” are perhaps not fully as eye (ear)-catching initially but the flawless riffing sure is there. And this is what I really like with DEATH ANGEL and their ability to play technical to keep the records ageless. Just listen to “Frolic Through The Park” or perhaps even more so “Act III”, but both feel as contemporary and current still after almost three decades.

The epic “Hatred United / United Hate” is perhaps not as direct as the first few on the album, but the odd structure sure is appealing as is the melancholic tone. To compare with DEATH ANGEL’s standard, the style of this particular track sounds more like modern bands as compare to the classic thrashing riffs of the rest of “The Evil Divide”. Also the solo stands out and this no surprise since Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) is doing a guest appearance on this track.  

The remainder of the album continues in the true DEATH ANGEL style with fast and furious riffs. What really fascinates me is how they can keep the frenzy up straight through and still keep the variation between the songs. It all of course sounds like DEATH ANGEL but nuances in the track sets them apart. This really creates one hell of an album. In general, I’ve always appreciated DEATH ANGEL more live than on record. But with “The Evil Divide”, it starts to become a draw. So, hell yes, after a few spins the album settled and it sure is high quality all the way. The first three tracks remain my favorites though. We’ll see if it stays that way after catching DEATH ANGEL live when touring for “The Evil Divide”.





01. The Moth
02. Cause For Alarm
03. Lost
04. Father Of Lies
05. Hell To Pay
06. It Can't Be This
07. Hatred United / United Hate
08. Breakaway
09. The Electric Cell
10. Let The Pieces Fall


Mark Osegueda - Lead Vocals
Rob Cavestany - Guitars, Vocals
Ted Aguilar - Guitars
Damien Sisson - Bass
Will Carroll - Drums