Etrusgrave - Aita’s Sentence

Etrusgrave - Aita’s Sentence

(CD, Minotauro Records, 2016)

I keep wondering why the Italian Heavy Metal bands are so special every time. Of course, there’s a whole batch being just mainstream but when digging a little and finding the pearls, it’s mind-blowing. I’m talking about bands like HOLY MARTYR, BATTLE RAM, DOOMSWORD and DARK QUARTERER. There is a direct line between DARK QUARTERER and ETRUSGRAVE though since guitarist Fulberto Serena was in and started the whole thing back in the '80s, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that this band too is special. And yes, we’re still talking about the same innovative type of Heavy music when it comes to ETRUSGRAVE too; intricate and epic songs, filled with great riffs and superb melodies. Maybe ETRUSGRAVE is a bit more accessible when compared to DARK QUARTERER; a little more straightforward and standard song structures if you will.

Of course, I wouldn’t go as far and call it mainstream, of course. Opening track of ETRUSGRAVE’s third full-length album “Aita's Sentence”, “Anxiety” clocks over seven minutes, as does the following “Mammoth Trumphet”. Despite the long time duration, the songs come across as easy going music. A fact though, it wouldn’t be possible to keep the listener’s interest up, if it’s been three chord/verse/chorus kind of songs. And it’s absolutely not; there are multiple sections in these songs. Perhaps it was just that things got stuck after the first spin already or the fact that the performance and production is a little bit rougher, more Rock ’n’ Roll compared to DARK QUARTERER these days. And it’s fascinating thinking about it that “Mammoth Trumphet” feels like a radio-tune even though it’s more than double the allowed time.

Magnificent “Festering Slash”, with the melodic and mellow start is another fantastic piece of music from “Aita’s Sentence”. The falsetto vocals come across as a bit odd for the first spin but it sure works fine with the rest. The even softer section before it breaks loose makes the contrast even bigger. The drive when the song really starts is fantastic and I guess this is the key of success; to keep the intensity in the music even if it’s not full on. That, combined with catchy vocal lines, really works. Title track “Aita's Sentence” brings DIO to mind; the emotion Tiziano “Hammerhead” Sbaragli has in his expression in the initial part resembles with the late vocalist. His voice is of course different but the depth and emotion are there. Musically, at least partly, this song also leans more towards the great BLACK SABBATH or RAINBOW type songs, with a mix of that Italian touch. How can you not love this?

There’s something annoying over the riff in “Coward”, a melody line that’s very simple and shouldn’t work as good as it actually do. The song sticks like glue and again, over seven minutes worth of music passes in no time. The ups and downs in intensity and pace really work and make this song one of my favorites out of the “Aita's Sentence” album.

I guess you’re either on or off about these bands, the ones mentioned early in the review. Either they pass you by or you’re completely hooked. I for one can’t understand how someone doesn’t like it. I sure love them all, ETRUSGRAVE included.





01. Anxiety
02. Mammoth Trumphet
03. Festering Slash
04. North North West
05. Aita's Sentence
06. Coward
07. The Guardian


Tiziano “Hammerhead" Sbaragli - Vocals
Fulberto Serena - Guitar
Luigi Paoletti - Bass
Stefano Giuggioli - Drums