Lord Vicar - Gates Of Flesh

Lord Vicar - Gates Of Flesh

(CD, The Church Within, 2016)

Yup, there are some bands out there (quite a few actually) which have nothing to prove, simply because their songwriting has been producing golden tunes able to stand the test of time and this speaks volumes about their creativity. For the Doom Metal fans, Finnish lords LORD VICAR belong to this category of the few and rightfully so, therefore the news about the release of their third full length, “Gates Of Flesh”, can only be characterized as music to (our) ears and allow me to tell you why...

From the first listenings of “Gates Of Flesh”, you will/should realize two things: a) how catchy the Finns can sound when they want to, and b) how rocking Doom the result (still) is. Sure, some may find this album a little bit more mainstream when compared to LORD VICAR’s previous endeavours but this doesn’t mean that the catchiness has replaced the Unholy Doom quality. Ok, tracks like the album opener “Birth Of Wine” may sound more straight-forward with a more receptive feeling to them, but the LV ID is present and is offering some ‘all-time-classic’ riffage and then some more. So, with impossible to resist riffs and high-quality Doom-headbanging time, “The Green Man”, “Breaking The Circle” and the awesome(r) SABBATH-esque “Accidents” are just some moments to confirm that rightfully LORD VICAR are among the top Doom Metal acts these days, even though they don’t wear that attitude, being some of the coolest and down-to-earth dudes. Chritus doesn’t try to sound like an Ozzy-clone (and that’s one of the things we love about him), Kimi’s axe-abilities are again top-notch, while the grooving drumming / basslines balance makes the entire result even more enticing, so extra kudos are in order for the clean yet vintage production that really makes each instrument sound clear without creating the fuzzy chaos the majority of albums of this genre usually haves. Plus, if you want that little somethin’-somethin’ for the album to find its way to your heart, then check the moody yet groovy as Hell “A Woman Out Of Snow” with its Scandi-epic main riffing theme and the 10-minute-plus closer “Leper, Leper” with the crushing CANDLEMASS-esque attitude. Those two carry all the necessary ingredients to stay in your playlists for a looooong time – and then, you’ll realize that the word ‘eternity’ is simply not enough...

With albums like “Gates Of Flesh” released anno 2016, I can’t help but think that it’s so unfair that there are still underrated bands just because they don’t follow the social-media trends and don’t gather the 10k+ likes or whatever in order to draw your attention. But hey, don’t be stupid and let this little gem slip your fingers ‘cause if you haven’t checked them out yet (shame on you!), “Gates Of Flesh” is your chance. I’m not gonna say it’s their best album so far, but to me, just gotten that special place in my heart (and music collection)...

P.S.: What can I say for this cover artwork? Just superb!





01. Birth Of Wine
02. The Green Man
03. A Shadow Of Myself
04. Breaking The Circle
05. Accidents
06. A Woman Out Of Snow
07. Leper, Leper


Chritus - Vocals
Kimi - Guitars
Milly - Drums
Gareth - Bass