Kauan - Kuu..

Kauan - Kuu..

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(CD, Avantgarde Music, 2011)

Never before the moon wasn’t so beautiful, so delicate, so fragile… No, this is not a pure Metal review; actually, KAUAN isn’t a Metal band at all. KAUAN is an ambient post Rock duo from Russia, formed in 2005 as a folk-black band, but now has moved to the direction of atmospheric post rock, creating so beautiful and harmonic melodies that can’t leave untouched even the toughest metalhead’s heart. Who said that metalhead haven’t one? Besides, music is the food for our ears and our minds and if a noticeable release falls into our hands, we have to spread the word, don’t you think?

The romantic artwork of “Kuu..” (the fourth album of KAUAN) that refers to mail of some past times, shows us clearly what KAUAN’s music is about. Anton and Lubov manage to touch the most nostalgic and sensitive strings of our soul with the voice and the crying violin, respectively and I assure you that you are going to watch the astonishing, silver ‘kuu’ (which means ‘moon’ in English) from a different side. “Kuu..” contains four compositions, full of emotion and unstoppable heartbreaking melodies, standing proudly to the US act EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY or the Swiss NUCLEUS TORN. The four compositions fluctuate between 8 and 15 minutes each, without being boring or tiring for the listener; on the contrary; I could say that each of the songs manages to demonstrate the dynamics hidden inside with the most successful way, showing the music education of the two young artists.

I couldn’t pick one song as my favorite, because I comprehend them as four different parts that lead to an individual set which serves KAUAN’s needs as artists and as adventurous spirits. So, the ‘moon’ is right here, in front of you, waiting to be touched by your endless senses. The only thing you have to do now is to grab this release by the hand, light up a bunch of candles and switch off every external and annoying sound and leave yourselves to the majesty of KAUAN. Remember that times such as these, the lyrics are absolutely needless and you are not going to be disturbed by the native language. All that matters now is the feeling. And believe me, there is plenty of it.





01. Tähtien Hiljainen Laulu
02. Kauniin Kuun Sävelen
03. Ikuinen Junan Kulku
04. Suora Liila Sydänkäyrä


Anton Belov - Music, Vocals
Lubov Mushnikova - Violin