Violent Divine - Hyperactivity Disorder

Violent Divine - Hyperactivity Disorder

(CD, Private, 2015)

I’m not sure why this happens, but in many cases with Swedish bands playing a little grungy and groovy Heavy Metal appears to be a bit neat and tidy. It feels like the filth and the real Rock ’n’ Roll has been cleaned out due to musicianship. I know it’s contradictive to say something like this but on occasion perfection is not really what cuts it. VIOLENT DIVINE sound good indeed but I actually didn’t like their fourth album “Hyperactivity Disorder” at all in the first place. It’s been spinning on and off but I never really felt inspired to write about it. But I realized, for each time I picked it up again after leaving it be for a while, it sounded better and better. It sure is a bit hyper and very active while sometimes touches upon FREAK KITCHEN’s kind of flipped-out style and in most cases rest solid on what was trendy in Sweden in the mid '90s. I won’t say Grunge, even if there are similarities, but I will mention mighty fine acts as MENTAL HIPPIE BLOOD and SCREAMING MOTHER who at the time played contemporary Hard Rock / Metal in a musical class above bands in the same genre.

The benefit is that their music lives on and I truly appreciate all their records these days. And it’s the same with VIOLENT DIVINE; initially I thought they lacked the Rock ’n’ Roll feeling but the more the songs settled, the more I discovered the fines and this will definitely make the album last a lot longer than if had struck immediately. What’s good on “Hyperactivity Disorder” really is fantastic. Second song “Incubus” with the verse that could have been picked from SCREAMING MOTHER’s only ever release and the resolution in the chorus-line works really well. I love the vocal arrangements and the drive in the riffs. And perhaps even more appealing is “Beautiful Disaster”; the gloomy ballad-y track with the SOUNDGARDEN “Superunknown” kind of feel. The whiny tone in the voice and the dark and gloomy melodies are right in my taste. Heavy “Fail” also works very well, the mellow bass driven verses and then full on, very heavy riffing in the chorus lines work every day. Again there’s a very strong vocal line and very good performance by Mike.

I realize I’ve picked the slower and heavier songs as my favorites and that’s the way it is. I mean, those are the ones that touch me the most and get me started, even if there are similar and equally nice parts in “Desolation Boulevard” or “Temple Of Love”. VIOLENT DIVINE’s “Hyperactivity Disorder” is a very good example that some records need time, a lot of it and also some rest, and then be picked up again before they settle. Should I have rated and graded it when after the first session, I wouldn’t have approved it. But after a few months later and after countless spins... Ok, I still pick the raisins out of the cookie as you can see, since this isn’t really what I listen to regularly, but the things I like, I really dig and for the rest I can’t say is bad, even if it’s not my favorite style of music.





01. For I Am Sin
02. Incubus
03. Restart My Heart
04. Beautiful Disaster
05. Temple Of Love
06. Fail
07. Worms Beneath
08. Drown
09. Heartbroken
10. Desolation Boulevard
11. Rain
12. Walking On Thin Ice
13. Bloodshared


Mike - Vocals
Sean-Joel - Guitar
Oscar - Bass
Simon - Drums