Bostok - Land Of Fire

Bostok - Land Of Fire

(CD, Private / Metal Revelation, 2015)

It is both for good and bad to review music; I certainly receive a whole bunch of records I would never check out by myself. And when they come from a promoter like Metal Revelation, I know the music will be of high quality. It might not be necessarily my style and sometimes it’s hard to believe I will come around to like the album in question. That was the case with this one coming from the Spaniards of BOSTOK and their first and only release “Land Of Fire” as I’m not overly excited about Metalcore. And that was what I heard for the few first spins. Ok, maybe there is a touch of SEPULTURA in the opening track “Damnation”, in between the more ARCH ENEMY oozing riffs.

There’s something special about the voice in “Evil Comes To Me” although I don’t know if it is Senent Miró or Manel Espinosa who is singing the initial lines before the second chorus line. It’s a little bit like TIAMAT of their “Wildhoney” era. The whispering parts, while the more harsh vocals sound like MORGOTH and then I’m mainly thinking of the song “Last Laugh” out of “Feel Sorry For The Fanatic” when they started to get more industrial. The drive and type of riff, at least the initial one in title track “Land Of Fire”, reminds me of early MACHINE HEAD. But again, the aforementioned MORGOTH feel appears in the very heavy verse. At first, “Bother” lands somewhere in the middle of SLIPKNOT and SEPULTURA. But I must say I like the idea of spoken words as verses; creates a very dramatic feeling and makes a great build-up to the chorus line.

Even if it is very easy to draw influences from other bands, BOSTOK’s “Land Of Fire” is a very decent record. For sure, there are some truly nice things going on from a musical perspective. It’s really nothing to criticize at all when it comes to performance and album production actually. The songs are creative and catchy. Just listen to “Run Away” with the dark riff that’s split up in something more Heavy Metal like and the more melodic vocal line in the chorus sticks like superglue. I really like the variation in this song while it’s still not a Pop-song with a Heavy Metal production which some of these Metalcore bands tend to use. Another thing that got stuck was the sounds and the riff that kicks off “Stop This”; the synth effect makes it very bouncy just like a rubber ball. So, from a musical perspective, this is high above most other records I’ve reviewed from this genre, even if it took a while to come around to like it but it’s still not really my cup of tea. But if it is, BOSTOK should be worth checking out.





01. Damnation
02. Evil Come To Me
03. Land Of Fire
04. Bother
05. To The Death
06. Run Away
07. Stop This
08. In The Shadows


Senent Miró - Vocals
Manel Espinosa - Guitar, Vocals
Moisés Vidal - Bass
Sergio Jaén - Synths
Joan Bernabeu - Drums