Lugnet - Lugnet

Lugnet - Lugnet

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(CD/LP, Pride & Joy Music, 2016)

The vintage-y orange-and-black album-cover artwork, the Tarantino-esque long-haired heroine, the ‘LUGNET’ moniker with the ‘70s-like font... I really dunno what hit me first, but as soon as I had laid eyes on this, I knew I had to push the ‘play’ button, and thank Lemmy (aka God) I did! You see, there are still few bands who know how to really capture the ‘70s warm Rock feeling and so stand on top of the still growing pile with new bands trying to get a slice of the ‘fame and success’ pie, yes, LUGNET is one of them.

The moment “All The Way” hits the speakers, you’ll find your ears diving in the raw and kind of naïve (this being said in a positive way) sweet Rock nostalgia, and on top of that indulge in Roger Solander’s Coverdale-like vocals which prove to be the real treat, especially during the “she’s got it / I need it” refrain. Yes, it won’t take long to understand what LUGNET is all about, and then really enjoy how they keep things simple and catchy enough to make the 8-track release an essential one, especially for the fans of the ‘70s DEEP PURPLE / URIAH HEEP / and 1978-1983’s WHITESNAKE discography. You’re gonna love right away the Gillan-esque take on “Sails” and its sweet guitars, the SABBATH-like (of the Dio era) groove on “Veins” and, of course, the Coverdale / early WHITESNAKE Blues on “Tears In The Sky” that claims the title of the album’s highlight, and not only due to Solander’s starlit performance; the vintage echo sounds, the Hammond melodies and the heavy riffage are cleverly combined and effortless create the illusion of traveling back in time, and you have to thank the entire LUGNET gang for that (and among them, the ex-WITCHCRAFT / ex-ABRAMIS BRAMA drummer, Fredrik Jansson). Sure, the band’s Swedish ancestry shows in tracks like “It Ain’t Easy” or “In The Still Of The Water” but occasionally the feeling that you’re listening to a '70s British act comes forth pleasantly mudding the waters. And oh, how refreshing sounds “Into The Light” sounds as it drops the curtain with some hearty Hammond / bass / guitar jamming!

I don’t think there is something else to add here; “Lugnet” is a must-have album for the year that has just started and I feel pretty confident that it will last for the years to come, having the word ‘classic’ written all over it. In other and fewer words, Lugnet” is highly recommended.





01. All The Way
02. Sails
03. Veins
04. Tears In The Sky
05. It Ain’t Easy
06. Gypsy Dice
07. In The Still Of The Water
08. Into The Light


Marcus “Mackan” Holten - Guitar
Fredrik Jansson - Drums
Lennart “Z” Zethzon - Bass
Danne “Bonden” Jansson - Guitar

Bruno Erminero - Hammond