Knogjärn - Våldet I Ditt Paradis

Knogjärn - Våldet I Ditt Paradis

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(CD, Big Balls Productions, 2015)

Can Metal music with lyrics in Swedish work? Well, LOK did it in the '90s and there have been other more or less successful samples over the decades. Perhaps the genre is rather narrow since, unless your name isn’t out there like SABATON, to get outside the Nordic borders should be a tough job. So, does it work? Yes! But, occasionally it feels more Punk-y than Heavy Metal regardless of both thick and thrashy guitars in the back. The main reason for this is signed the chorus line of album opener “Fall på Knä” (Fall to your knees) and trademark track, named the same as the band, “Knogjärn” (Knuckleduster) with their melodic chorus lines.

However, even if the Punk scene I’m referring to with ASTA KASK, KSMB, STREBERS and so on, was rather critical towards society and caused an uproar, which Punk was all about. The title track of KNOGJÄRN’s debut album “Våldet I Ditt Paradis” (The Violence in your Paradise) becomes very close with the current situation in all Swedish major cities today where stabbings, murders and assaults are part of daily business. Still, with the really aggressive lyrical themes I tend to lean towards nationalistic ULTIMA THULE, which might not be as flattering, as references come from the aforementioned bands. Musically though, KNOGJÄRN is closer to LOK and other modern aggressive groove bands.

Even if this style isn’t particularly my favorite, I think KNOGJÄRN are on to something. The production of this album is good and rather clean. I could have taken some more power in the guitar sound, but instead of this the organic and dynamic feel like a thick wall of sound that many of the Swedish bands have. And I must admit I like the mix of groove and Thrash in “Vrede” (Wrath). This track also shows that these guys can handle their instruments, although the riff perhaps is a bit stolen from THE HAUNTED’s “99” but hey, a good song is a good song. In the promo sheet that came with the record is stated that KNOGJÄRN have created a rumor of being a bad-ass live act and that’s easy to believe because the songs should work well live since there are catchy chorus-lines to sing along to and if they can perform with the same technicality and still keep the drive live it should be killer on stage.

Even if I’m not completely turned on by KNOGJÄRN’s “Våldet I Ditt Paradis” (mainly because this style of Metal isn’t my favorite), it still came as a very pleasant surprise. The songs are catchy and far more interesting than other bands of the same genre. But yes, I think it will be a Swedish internal business for this band.





01. Fall På Knä
02. Knogjärn
03. När Du Ljuger
04. Sprickor I Fasaden
05. Mardröm
06. No 6
07. Vrede
08. En Av Oss
09. Ensam
10. Ett Liv För Ett Liv
11. Syndabock


Kim Eriksson - Vocals
Markus Hurtig - Guitar
Rasmus Sörbom - Bass
Johan Hidén - Drums