Rebel Collective - Middle Age Famous

Rebel Collective - Middle Age Famous

(CD, Private, 2015)

Take one dose of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and one of TRANSPORT LEAGUE, mix ‘em up and you’ll get REBEL COLLECTIVE. These Swedes have the groove and the playing skills to make this happen in a very delicious way. “Middle Age Famous”, being the band’s third full-length, should put them on the Metal map for good.

Opening “Middle” starts off with a fast tempo and catchy verse with the most memorable part being when REBEL COLLECTIVE takes it down to mid-tempo during the chorus. And the album continues strong. “Rock N Roll Rebel” has to be with a touch of humor, it’s not funny like ha-ha but very witty and smart funny. The song structure and the 'yeah!' response in the bridge just before the chorus line made me crank the stereo up to the max. The promotional sheet promised it was party time while listening to REBEL COLLECTIVE’s “Middle Age Famous” and I can’t but agree as the album continues equally strong. I just love the very squeaky harmonica in “Baby Blue” but the absolute highlight is “California”, the mellow, almost '40s Bluesy Country bootleg recording works so well before it takes off into the trademark groove significant for REBEL COLLECTIVE. This last song in the batch takes me back to AUDIOSLAVE’s amazing self-titled debut, which really is a fantastic release. “California” could have fitted on that particular record. The fast and furious and rather Punk-y “Relations and Wealth” also works really well as a break towards the else quite similar styled songs.

Then I’m not sure what happened; the first five songs struck so hard but I can’t remember much from the second half of the record. The ingredients in the music are the same, the songs have the same groove but they don’t get stuck, which is rather odd since the first half is so damn good. But what makes it extra fun with REBEL COLLECTIVE is that they’re boys from my old home town, of course they took off about the same time as I moved away but I’ve seen them growing up onstage with various bands and having the local boys deliver an album as good as “Middle Age Famous” sure is fun to see.

I still am a bit curious why just a part of the record gets stuck because musically there’s nothing to complain about, everything is flawlessly played and I like Genz ad’s and hooks on the guitar every now and then. If the whole of “Middle Age Famous” had struck as hard as the first part, it would have been close to 10 out of 10 - that’s how good (and how much of a party) the first part is. It still is a very decent record straight through and has it all when it comes to this type of music: good sound, skilled musicians and catchy tunes, so keep REBEL COLLECTIVE in mind.





01. Middle
02. Rock N Roll Rebel
03. Baby Blue
04. California
05. Relations And Wealth
06. Bulletproof
07. Hometown
08. Anti Sober
09. Jack Barrels Boys


Haze - Vocals
Genz - Guitar
Een - Bass
Otto - Drums