Keep Of Kalessin - Epistemology

Keep Of Kalessin - Epistemology

(CD, Indie Recordings, 2015)

Even though Norway’s KEEP OF KALESSIN have been around for two decades, our paths never crossed, something that was meant to happen after the singer replacement and the “Epistemology” release. In full disclosure I will admit that I did some sampling before digging deeper on this album just to make sure it wasn’t something I’ve heard million times before from this type of Black Metal with the occasional symphonic finishing touches. And yes, I was rewarded since the new KEEP OF KALESSIN album managed to get me hooked, even though it may be a turn off for all those Black Metal fans who like more the band’s early works.

I am not saying that KEEP OF KALESSIN have stopped playing Black Metal, and to me, this album sounds like the logical continuation of how their music has been evolving with each release. The songs have become longer with more complex structures, while the addition of samples and minor symphonic orchestrations are not out of question. And this is exactly the case with the ten minutes of “The Spiritual Relief” which kicks the door down after the almost Sci-Fi intro with fast snare-drum action and the killer riff. Everything sounds awesome and powerful but I think the vocals fall into a love-or-hate situation by staying away from the Black Metal screaming-norms and by embracing a STRAPPING YOUNG LAD-kind of Progressive music-madness. The thick song-structure has lots of things happening at the same time but after a couple of auditions all this chaos starts making more sense, especially during the slower and hence more melodic break with the multiple guitar layers and atmospheric keyboards/electronic sounds. “Dark Divinity” goes even faster and considering the growling-type of singing, this song sets both feet on the Black Metal side, at least until another very interesting break with really nice guitar leads, dominating bass line and lots of pounding drums. “Necropolis” became one of my tracklist favorites as it starts building the music on the headbanging rhythm section and the catchy riff that bleeds into the song’s main body with the most interesting vocal layers. I think one can see some late DIMMU BORGIR references in the more symphonic than the rest “Universal Core” and “Introspection” where there is a sense of simplicity in the otherwise complex structures and especially the latter one reminded of the quote “out of chaos comes order”.

After some history digging, it became clear how much KEEP OF KALESSIN have changed their sound profile and I think after the singer change, this became even more profound. So, liking this album strongly depends on your level of tolerance because it isn’t a big secret that most of the metalheads hate seeing changes on their music. Still, I think “Epistemology” is a most interesting album that will satisfy the determined listener who will be discovering something new with every audition.





01. Cosmic Revelation
02. The Spiritual Relief
03. Dark Divinity
04. The Grand Design
05. Necropolis
06. Universal Core
07. Introspection
08. Epistemology


Obsidian C. - Vocals, Guitar, Compositions
Wizziac - Bass, Backing Vocals
Vyl - Drums