Chalice - Overyears Sensation

(CD/LP, Keiler Records, 2015)

I remember listening to an album by this German band called “Shotgun Alley”, which was a very entertaining process I have to add. I never looked around for other CHALICE releases to be honest hence it was a good surprise to see this name popping up again after so many years in front of my eyes and ears and the respective. The Germans are still around after all.

Dynamic Hard Rock is the style this band flirts with. There are various tempos for your taste while the guitars spit riff after riff in a dirty way here and with a melodic touch there. It’s not easy to predict what CHALICE perform here but it’s not a tough task either; just take a portion of the Sunset Boulevard days of '80s Hard Rock and also pour in enough German Hard Rock (BONFIRE, FAIR WARNING, CRAAFT etc) elements and you can get a first picture. The vocals are mature and persuasive while the soloing goes on and on in each song. There’s some wider we-‘ve-done-it-before approach in the making of the disc and the band members must be mature enough to know how to do the right thing.

Without being something extraordinarily good, “Overyears Sensation” is a good addition to your Euro Hard Rock collection. It’s neat and has enough references to the classic Hard Rock likes too (MAGNUM, maybe). Check it out if you found this presentation quite teasing, in other words.





01. You Better Get Used To It
02. Overyears Sensation
03. Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine
04. Chasing The Wind
05. Glorious Again
06. All About Your Love
07. Turn Away
08. Sign Of The Times
09. Shake The Earth
10. Taste It
11. Don’t Tell Me Lies
12. Last Wish


Gino Naschke - Vocals
Oliver Scheer - Guitars
Steve Lagleder - Bass
Michael Mehl - Drums
Axel Hoffmann - Keyboards