Scanner - The Judgement

Scanner - The Judgement

(CD, Massacre Records, 2015)

I could never imagine these German metallers would return with a new album! Last time I heard from SCANNER was in 2002 with their release of the mediocre “Scantropolis”, but it seems like a Metal god exists and now it’s time for a new CD by these excellent German band. And what an album “The Judgement” is - that’s the least I can say.

The only founding member, guitarist Axel A.J. Julius, has gathered a clan of respectable musicians around him and the result is an excellent release. I adore all the four first SCANNER LPs and I think this new 2015 recording stands proud next to them. Singer Efthimios Ioannidis is a charismatic frontman with a high range in notes and he is not afraid to add some mid-range singing too when the song commands so. The rhythm section is pounding and performs as if there’s no tomorrow and this is very good news for all ‘teutonic’ Speed Metal aficionados! Still, the highlight in the whole CD seems to be the guitars; it’s seminal with some frenzied riffage and a typhoon of solos for all tastes. Most songs are fast and that’s something we kinda should have predicted from a band like SCANNER but it’s not something like there’s only speed here and nothing more. The tempos vary with some milder interludes. The songs are not short in duration but their quality is kinda breathtaking so there’s not the slightest chance you’ll feel bored by the whole disc.

SCANNER are back with a fabulous album and it’s great to already have “The Judgement” as a first draft pick for the 2015 top list coming later this year. All five members are true metalheads - I recently saw the band live - and the only thing that matters now is to get hold of this CD in order to remind yourself of how real ‘teutonic’ non-smurfy Power/Speed Metal is performed with dignity.





01. Intro
02. F.T.B.
03. Nevermore
04. Warlord
05. Eutopia
06. The Judgement
07. Battle Of Poseidon
08. Pirates
09. Known Better
10. The Race
11. The Legionary


Efthimios Ioannidis - Vocals
Axel A.J. Julius - Guitar
Andreas Zeidler - Guitar
Jonathan Sell - Bass
Patrick Klose - Drums