Ostrogoth - Last Tribe Standing

Ostrogoth - Last Tribe Standing

(CD, Empire Records, 2015)

It was very sad news to read that guitarist Rudy “Whiteshark” Vercruysse passed away in early January 2015 due to this god-damned cancer disease... Still, while fighting he was able to participate in the recordings for the first OSTROGOTH material in 28 years, the EP/album this review is based on. And that’s not little news. Let’s discuss a few things regarding this recording now.

For those who are aware of OSTROGOTH’s discography, there is some really good news in regards to this release. The fours new songs stand proud as equivalent to what the band from Belgium had also done in the '80s. This is some serious Heavy Metal here with huge riffs and melodic leads backed up by some hammering rhythm section that result in an in-your-face powerful Heavy Metal the European way. The vocals of Josey Hindrix are persuasive too, with high notes were needed and some passionate singing all the way. The addition of recent live takes from the whole monumental 1983 EP is a bonus goodie that adds value to an anyway more than notable release.

If you’re not an OSTROGOTH aficionado, then you should reconsider your relation to traditional Heavy Metal music. Please, dig in the band’s '80s discography as soon as possible and then dive in and enjoy four new excellent songs that show Metal music is written from the heart by fans from fans... and nothing more.





01. No Risk Taken
02. Clouds
03. Retun To The Heroes Museum
04. Last Tribe Standing
05. Heroes Museum (live)
06. Full Moon’s Eyes (live)
07. Paris By Night (live)
08. Rock Fever (live)


Mario “Grizzly” Pauwels - Drums
Dario Frodo - Guitar
Geert Annys - Guitar
Josey Hindrix - Vocals
Stripe - Bass