Elvenpath - Elvenpath

Elvenpath - Elvenpath

(EP, Private, 2011)

ELVENPATH are a Power Metal band from Germany. There are many sounds of battles being fought complete with horses grunting and snorting with sword clashing and by far the cheesiest lyrics I have ever heard. For instance, “Metal steel Metal steel whoa whoa whoa”. Yes, those are the exact lyrics from the song of the same name. The singer’s accent is so bad it sounds like he is saying completely different. “Lot to steel” is what it sounds like. If you are going to sing in English, please leave the accent behind. It can and has been done countless times. I really don’t mind some accents, but this is a bit too much. The music is as clichéd as possible. The artwork on the album cover should be a warning to you about that. The song about “Magic Potion” is equally cheesy. I normally like that type of cheese, and I don’t think it is a tragic flaw, but non Power Metal fans are going to outright kill this album in their reviews. I have seen it before and it’s not going to be pretty. Expect it to get ugly soon.

Many of the songs have that “galloping” rhythm that most Power Metal fans are familiar with. It is in between mid tempo and fast tempo, and the guitar solos shred as if the song was played faster than light.  The song “Into The Future” has one of the most annoying choruses in recent memory. The chorus consists of the band counting to four and after each number a sentence is sung that matches the number as it is repeated a few times throughout the song and the lyrics also contain the words “Sign Of The Hammer”. I can’t imagine where they got that from. (Sarcasm mode on) Honestly, this song is so childish I had to grit my teeth and physically restrain myself from pressing the skip button. “Guardians Of The Underground” is a better song and has the sound of MANOWAR’s “Sign Of The Hammer” album, as if was recorded the next day. They really managed to capture the most classic of all Power Metal sounds. I will give them that much credit.

There is a serious side to these power metallers from Germany. They do indeed seem to have those moments. The Metal suite concept portion of the album is by far the most serious part of the album. Yes, they still sing about Metal and steel but it isn’t meant to be mocking or self derisive. ELVENPATH has a lot of potential they need to tap into. I think all they need is to sign with a decent sized label and get a producer behind them that knows how to steer the ship and set rules and guidelines that need to be followed to the letter in order to be taken seriously as a major force in the Power Metal genre. I do believe they have it in them and hope for the best. I would like to see the band mature and compete with top notch talent. They are very talented musicians; they just need help in the lyrical department. The production is fine and the instruments are all well played.

If you like cheesy Heavy Metal music, then you might like ELVENPATH. For an unsigned band on a self financed release, it’s pretty good.





01. For Our Liberty
02. Into The Future
03. Guardians Of The Underground
04. Moria
05. Enflaming Demands
06. Cellars Of Doom
07. Metal Suite I - The Suite Of Metal
08. Metalwar (The Truelogy - Part One)
09. Metal Suite II - The Suite Of Steel
10. War Of Steel (The Truelogy - Part Two)
11. Metal Suite III - The Suite Of Iron
12. Metalsteel (The Truelogy - Part Three)
13. Metal Suite IV - The Suite Of Heavy Metal Victory


Dragutin Kremenovic - Vocals
Till Oberboßel
- Guitar
Oliver Rossow
- Guitar
Christian Flindt
- Bass
Boldie von Herbolder
- Drums