Veonity - Gladiator's Tale

Veonity - Gladiator's Tale

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(CD, Sliptrick Records, 2015)

VEONITY is a really young band counting just two years of existence after being formed in Sweden in the beginning of 2013. Of course, the band’s ancestry can be considered as a plus even before checking the music because it isn’t such a big secret that Sweden has built a tradition in Metal and especially in the Retro side of almost every Metal genre. In VEONITY’s case though, everything becomes clear just by reading the album’s title reading “Gladiator's Tale”. Yeah, Power Metal is the deal here, although one can still claim the ‘retro’ status just by checking the band’s influences.

I will admit right away that the sing-along and the almost a cappella intro of “Into Eternity” highlighted the name of RHAPSODY but fortunately for me the guitar riff replaced that name with GAMMA RAY. So, expect fast tempos, mood-lifting melodies, catchy grooves and chorus lines to memorize and join in singing at no time. Ok, this is not something original but at the same time passes all the quality control checks for a reliable Power Metal with an epic twist that puts VEONITY in a safe distance from the ultra-happy Euro Power. The band’s Swedish Metal education shows in some guitar leads where HAMMERFALL can added in the influences and the same goes with SABATON, especially in the mid-tempo “Born Out Of Despair” where the bass sound rules. Usually, I stay away from such albums and not because the music is of subpar quality but because it has stopped being my cup of tea for some years now. But VEONITY managed to rekindle my interest and I can blame two things for this: a) the dominating guitars, and b) Anders Sköld’s vocals that do not fall into the my-balls-were-twisted-so-I-am-singing-this-high category. Anders has a lower register and more melody (than most of the new Power Metal bands), pushing the music back to the '80s Power Metal when, in fact, the significant less Metal genres used to blend into each other and everyone was fine with it.

“Let Me Die” has the potential to become a hit-song and I’d bet a good chunk of money that there is some guest-singing here from either Joacim Cans or if I’d stretch this a bit from Michael Kiske... yeah, the singing is this good. Ok, “Warrior Of Steel” can be considered as a close-to-be-cheesy, especially if you considered the piano-driven MANOWAR ballads too much, but at least you can enjoy the vocal lines that stand out from the otherwise cliché structure. If you like Epic Metal, then you will enjoy the fist-pumping “Chains Of Metal” (again the bass sound is awesome), then sing-along during the catchy “Slaves In A Holy War” and headbang with “Farewell” where I am sure you will find a “Future World” finishing touch and will not have a problem at all.

In situations like this one (where the influences can be so easily identified), the fact that this is a debut release is crucial because VEONITY will definitely form their own song-writing character, something that is absolutely feasibility considering the performing capabilities herein presented in abundance. Listening to this album made me revisit the first GAMMA RAY albums and then have a couple spins of “Glory To The Brave”...





01. Into Eternity
02. Phoenix Arise
03. Unity
04. Let Me Die
05. Slaves In A Holy War
06. Chains Of Blood
07. For The Glory
08. Gladiator's Tale
09. Warrior Of Steel
10. Born Out Of Despair
11. King Of The Sky
12. Farewell


Kristoffer Lidre - Bass
Joel Kollberg - Drums
Samuel Lundström - Guitar
Anders Sköld - Vocals, Guitar