Satan’s Host - Pre-dating God (Parts 1 & 2)

Satan’s Host - Pre-dating God (Parts 1 & 2)

(CD, Moribund Records, 2015)

SATAN’S HOST have been a strange case in the Metal scene; they’ve been around since the late '70s when they started out as a pure Heavy Metal band, only later to endorse extreme/Black Metal elements in their music. They released the now infamous “Metal From Hell” LP in 1986 having behind the mic none other than Harry Conklin of the JAG PANZER fame. When Conklin left the band to head for TITAN FORCE, the lineup disappeared but reunited without their frontman in the '90s and released a string of unsuccessful CDs in the '00s... With Harry returning to the fold, SATAN’S HOST embarked on a new trip in the Metal business and 2011’s “By The Hands Of The Devil” marked a second youth for the Colorado-based outfit.

Now, four years later, the quartet strikes back with two releases under the “Pre-dating God” general title. What’s obvious from the very first audition is the fact that the band is in fine mood with its creator Patrick Evil (guitars) delivering a bulldozing set of riffs to satisfy even the more demanding fan. The tempos vary but blastbeats are all over the place while the bass lines are thunderous. The Black Metal dimension of the music is equalized by the Power Metal singing of Harry - he goes with the name Leviathan Thisiren here, I have to remind you - whose vocals are sky high or brutal where needed. The result is a weird mix that some may find peculiar enough to swallow but overall does justice to the band’s aim, which no-doubt is to create an unorthodox mix of blackened Heavy Metal with malice and extremity. And the band has the experience and technical skills to succeed in this sector...

“Pre-dating God” is a two-part combo that confirms SATAN’S HOST is running its second youth. If you are a fan of the band, then you have no reason to wait for some audio samples. Else, try to digest the band’s complex music at first and then decide if you wanna invest your money on this recording. The album though is notable by all means.





01. Hell’s Disciples
02. Embers Of Will
03. Valley Of Blood
04. Pre-dating God
05. Greed, Lust, Hate, War
06. After The End
07. See You In Hell

Part 2
01. Fanning The Flames Of Hell
02. Soul Wrent
03. Lady N’ The Snake
04. As The Dead, They Sleep
05. Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris
06. Reprise: Pre-dating God


Patrick Evil - Guitars
Leviathan Thisiren -Vocals
Anthony Lopez - Drums
Margar - Bass