Ninja - Into The Fire

Ninja - Into The Fire

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(CD, Private, 2014)

When I read that the hometown of this outfit is the German town of Solingen, one thing crossed my mind: the mighty ACCEPT, haha! NINJA come from the same area and their first album was released in 1988. They have been sporadically in the spotlight with two releases in 1992 and 1997, so “Into The Fire” is the first new material in seventeen years.

“Into The Fire” smells from miles away that it belongs to a German band here. Be it the raw vocals or the frenzied rhythm guitars the album is full of classic German Metal all the way. Nothing Euro Power or thrashin’ over here: the songlist is a homage to the early '80s ideas as performed by bands like ACCEPT or SCORPIONS or SINNER or KROKUS in their heyday. The riffage is persuasive and the solos are blazing with enough chops and licks to satisfy the listener. You won’t see fast songs here, since the main dish is in a mid-pace mode. Holger Vom Scheidt is good at what he does, sounding like a mix of Udo Dirkschneider and Marc Storace, so you can assume his timbre is not that original but he does deliver the goods at ease. The rhythm section is plain yet swaying and the overall production and mix are analogue in personality with no effects and overdubs.

If you’re into classic German Heavy Metal, then NINJA should be under consideration. Nothing groundbreaking but nothing average too. Check the band’s website for some audio and video teasers and decide if you’d like to invest on this one. I’d like a vinyl copy for my collection, to say the least...





01. Frozen Time
02. Thunder
03. Vagabond Heart
04. Masterpiece
05. Hot Blond Shot
06. Always Been Hell
07. Blood of My Blood
08. Coward
09. Last Chance
10. Sledgehammer
11. Supernatural
12. Into The Fire


Holger Vom Scheidt - Vocals
Ulrich Siefen - Guitars
Hans Heringer - Drums
Carsten Sperl - Guitars
Michael Posthaus - Bass