Threshold - For The Journey

Threshold - For The Journey

(CD, Nuclear Blast, 2014)

Considering that the previous LP, “March Of Progress”, marked the return of THRESHOLD to discography after seven years, I was prepared to wait a similar amount of time before seeing another release. But I was proven wrong and in hindsight I am happy I was because after two years, “For The Journey” is a powerful successor to the wonderful “March Of Progress” that had set the expectations really high, and allow me to tell you why.

I learn to love Damian Wilson’s vocals through his works with Arjen Lucassen and to be exact with the AYREON albums, so I have connected his singing with Sci-Fi inspired music and lyrics. So, the album opener “Watchtower On The Moon” works exactly like this, delivering the type of Progressive Metal I like by being complex but still accessible and catchy. Indeed, there are many layers in the song’s structure with the guitars and keyboards exchanging leading roles in an amazingly smooth way as they are wrapped around the power and melodic singing. Especially the way this song explodes after the melodic break spearheaded by an awesome guitar riff will blow your socks off. “Unforgiven” continues in pretty much the same vein and then it adds an epic layer that shines through the hearty keyboards and the multiple vocals that seem to occupy more than just the conventional four dimensions. The aforementioned epic layer is enhanced during the one second less than 12 minutes of “The Box” that also hosts an excerpt of the most famous speeches by activist Mario Savio. Even though the song-structure is thick and the guitars are battling the keyboards for the driver’s seat, “The Box” is all the way interesting as it circles around the main melody. I guess one could complain about having this one so early in the tracklist, something that can make the rest of the songs look simpler in a sense. But this is just theory-talking because the amazing melodies of “Lost In Your Memory” and “The Mystery Show” will prove otherwise, earning additional plays in every album spins. Again, I will credit how accessible is the music of THRESHOLD despite the Progressive Rock complexity that has lots of '70s elements, especially in the keyboards. By the way, the ending of “The Mystery Show” is truly amazing and paves the way to the massive album closer, “Siren Sky”. I’d propose to use some high end headphones to dive headfirst in this ocean of melodies and enjoy to the maximum the guitars’ heaviness and the melancholy that comes from the chorus lines.

THRESHOLD managed to release an album that can look the amazing “March Of Progress” straight in the eye without flinching or blushing, so this is a must-buy, especially if you know this band’s musical whereabouts. In case you have missed this, then it’s about time to get a good taste of how Progressive Metal / Rock should be played.





01. Watchtower On The Moon
02. Unforgiven
03. The Box
04. Turned To Dust
05. Lost In Your Memory
06. Autumn Red
07. The Mystery Show
08. Siren Sky


Damian Wilson - Vocals
Karl Groom - Guitar
Richard West - Keyboards
Johanne James - Drums
Steve Anderson - Bass
Pete Morten - Guitar