Dirty Passion - Dirty Passion

Dirty Passion - Dirty Passion

(CD, Transubstans Records, 2015)

The last decade or so has proven that Hard Rock and Swedish bands do extremely well together, so the DIRTY PASSION debut “Different Tomorrow” did not come as a shocking surprise, almost five years ago. Sure, it was not something really different (no pun intended) but had all the Hard Rock ingredients and in the right amount. Flash forward to the present and we see the Swedes still going strong, being ready to release the third full length, simply entitled “Dirty Passion”, claiming that their songwriting has changed, so it’s time to stop beating around the bush and get to the bottom of this...

Well, the opening riff of “Hallelujah” clearly states that the guitars have been upgraded in the mix and now stand one step further as compared to the previous DIRTY PASSION albums. Of course and the song is groovy, up-tempo and the perfect way to start up the after-work partying on you Rock club of choice. Despite the focus on the guitars, the bass manages to steal some of the limelight with the almost Punk-ish attitude that I think captures the raw energy these Swedes seem to possess (I haven’t yet the chance to watch the band live). According to the press release, DIRTY PASSION added a modern twist to the music, so “Bad Karma” can be considered as such but please don’t be scared because Hard Rock is still the main deal. To my ears, the ‘modern twist’ translates into references from the modern Hard Rock scene and I stretch my rather minimal knowledge to throw the names BUCKCHERRY or the heavier version of PAPAROACH (I know there is one, hehe). On the other hand, tracking down references and trying to find what this reminds you of, have nothing to do if the music works well with your ears and your heart. So, onboard this train of thought, I’d pick the full of attitude “Bitch”, the hard rockin’ “Get Back” and then keep my fist pumping in the air following the catchy groove of “Zip Of Fire”; excuse me, but I cannot help myself from using one of those ‘reminds of’ and mention RATT as the source of inspiration in this potential radio-hit (if those still exist that is). “Die Free” is cut from the same cloth and you will understand what I am saying if the cowbell sounds woke some teenager memories of yours... hehe.

Having listened the album more times than it would be enough to form an opinion, I realized that the biggest difference comparing to the previous DIRTY PASSION is that the music sounds rawer and gives the impression that was recorded live and at one take. Yeah, songs like the rock’n’roller “The Mess” and the bass driven “The Ballad Of The Skank” are meant to play at maximum volume, so one can actually feel the wind coming from the speakers. If I was to object to something, that would be the selection of the album opener, because hands down, “Shame” is dynamite hitting hard with the massive rhythm, a killer riff and sing-along chorus. Or maybe this was just to entice the listener to hit the 'play' button once more to keep the party going...

Whatever the case maybe, DIRTY PASSION continue their winning streak by putting out another solid album, showing no signs of energy depletion or even of repetitive songwriting. I guess for the latter I should credit the band’s intent to change the songwriting process and - why not? - welcome some modern elements in. I hope this album will bring DIRTY PASSION to this side of the Atlantic, and in Chicago to be exact...





01. Hallelujah
02. Bad Karma
03. Bitch
04. Los Angeloser
05. Get Back
06. Zip Of Fire
07. Die Free
08. 42 Nights
09. The Mess
10. The Ballad Of The Skank
11. Shame


Kriss - Vocals
Chrisse - Guitar
Nasty - Bass
Mike - Drums