Sylosis - Dormant Heart

Sylosis - Dormant Heart

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(CD, Nuclear Blast USA, 2015)

Despite my honest efforts, I still feel uncomfortable when reading in the same sentence the words ‘modern’ and ‘Metal’, something that also happened with SYLOSIS. However, and seeing I hate missing good stuff due to ‘name-calling’, I was very much impressed with the Brits’ previous LP “Monolith”, something that was topped off by a killer performance here in Chicago (supporting LAMB OF GOD). So, I felt quite an excitement getting the new full-length “Dormant Heart” with the awesome cover artwork, and at the same time started wondering if “Monolith” was just a one-time thing.

Just by watching time duration of the album opener with the killer title, “Where The Wolves Come To Die”, one can immediately assume that this is a fast song to get the blood moving. But no, this one is a slow and heavy one, serving the epic aspect I learn to love with the previous SYLOSIS LP. The guitar work remains awesome dealing the exact amount of complexity without overwhelming the music that remains quite accessible and, to some extent, catchy. Of course, “Victims And Pawn” takes the foot off the break, so expect a nice modern blend of Thrash and Death Metal. There are some Metalcore elements from Josh’s single-character singing and the scattered breakdowns and even though I am not a fan, I really like what SYLOSIS have done. I mean, contrary to the average Metalcore music, there is character here, melodies and also the songwriting is not only focused on playing extreme at all costs.

What makes “Dormant Heart” better than “Monolith” (at least according to my listening palate) is the dark atmosphere that makes the album a heavier one. I mean, take a closer ‘look’ at the rhythm guitars in “To Build A Bomb” and feel the deep pain coming from the chords/riffs progressions, and then enjoy the way “Leech” builds the tension that quickly bursts out with the groovy drumming. By the way, kudos to the producer for the drum-sound that explodes here setting the mood for some mid-tempo headbanging. As your neck is warmed up, it can be a nice idea to skip to “Indoctrinated” and exercise one of those mosh-pit skills following the cutting edge riff (a wall-of-death is not out of the question at all). Again, I need to tip my hat to Scott Atkins for putting the high-hat sound under the spotlight, especially in the mid-tempo break of “Callous Souls”; great stuff. There was a hidden track in “Monolith” after “Enshrined” with clean singing and clean guitar action and I think there is a connection with “Quiescent” that starts with the same mood before getting faster and heavier, something that happens after the first five minutes or so. Regardless if there is a connection or not, the nine-minute song is soaked in a thick dark atmosphere breathings despair and pain wrapped around the nice clean guitar arpeggios. Yeah, after the first and reconnaissance album-listening, this one became my favorite as it reveals more after each audition.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, SYLOSIS have done better than the already good “Monolith”, so I guess it’s time for the band to draw more attention because to it feels that they haven’t what they deserved from the Metal scene. I am sure that “Dormant Heart” will bring the band on this side of the pond for once more, so I can see how the new songs behave from the stage, and judging by the previous time I watched them in-action, I am sure it will be awesome.





01. Where The Wolves Come To Die
02. Victims And Pawns
03. Dormant Heart
04. To Build A Bomb
05. Overthrown
06. Leech
07. Servitude
08. Indoctrinated
09. Harm
10. Mercy
11. Callous Souls
12. Quiescent


Josh Middleton - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Carl Parnell - Bass
Alex Bailey - Guitar
Rob Callard - Drums