Vanderbuyst - At The Crack Of Dawn

Vanderbuyst - At The Crack Of Dawn

(CD/LP, Van Records, 2014)

It’s a risk trying to combine old and older music; it’s not always easy to come up with the desired result and the effect may haunt your entire career. Thankfully, this is not the case with Holland’s VANDERBUYST who had so far released three albums full of inspiring retro Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music with all the cliché parts you can expect but also with enough personal character in the making of the songs.

The new album is called “At The Crack Of Dawn” and follows the same recipe as the previous discography of the band; eleven songs full of traditional 70s Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal musical constituents that will make you cherish the times when Rock music was pure and neat, from the heart, and was made by fans for fans. The trio performs in full dignity and hardrockin’/metallic passion and if legends like U.F.O./M.S.G., SCORPIONS, SAXON and URIAH HEEP wake up memories, then there’s no reason to bypass this (or any older) release. “At The Crack Of Dawn” is the kind of album that is not filled with double-bass drumming and ultra speedy parts, but on the contrary, leaves air in the songs to breathe. If you have heard a band from Japan called BLAZE, you may know what I’m talking about. Melodic and warm vocals, passionate guitars, old-school leads, simplified bass/drums lines and some old-school production and mix, make an album that will make you smile, if you’re a traditional Hard ‘n’ Heavy listener.

VANDERBUYST are here with a brand new album that shows how easy is to walk past any difficulties in the making of a romantic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album. I was expecting a strong release by this Dutch band and I’m glad I was not proven wrong. I really hope I can see this band onstage some time in the near future; they must kick some serious ass.





01. At The Crack Of Dawn
02. Roller-Coaster Ride
03. Girl In Heat
04. Catch-22
05. In The Dead Of Night
06. Lost In Discotheques
07. Walking On Tightrope
08. Light My Dynamite
09. On And On
10. Secret Dancer
11. Sweet Goodbye


Jochem Jonkman - Vocals, Bass
Willem Verbuyst - Guitars
Barry Van Esbroek - Drums