Cross Vault - Spectres Of Revocable Loss

(CD, Eyes Like Snow, 2014)

CROSS VAULT was formed in the winter of 2013 in Germany by songwriter and guitarist M. and vocalist and drummer N. with the sole purpose to create classic Doom Metal tunes of the bleakest kind. And this collaboration was so successful and fruitful that in less than a year the two musicians managed to compose five songs, dedicated to the subject of loss, being also the tracklist of the debut CROSS VAULT album, entitled “Spectres Of Revocable Loss”.

Having listened to “Spectres Of Revocable Loss” many times, I have to say that this is a truly beautiful album, full of amazing melodies. If you close your eyes and really focus on the music, you will find yourself being carried away, leaving behind all your worries and sorrows. The music is inspired by bands such as ANATHEMA, WARNING and MY DYING BRIDE, so you understand that the music is lyrical. N’s voice is deep and strong and I think it was intentionally kept in the background, behind the instruments, so as to render the songs even more atmospheric. The only up-tempo part of the entire album is the beginning of “Rails Departing” and the rest serves perfectly its Doom role. The tracklist ends with the great cover on WARNING’s “Footprints”, which is a good choice for two reasons: first of all, it is an excellent song and secondly, it falls right into CROSS VAULT’s music style.

“Spectres Of Revocable Loss” is a very good album with beautiful songs and great production. The Germans with this release have already set the bar high and it’s extremely interesting (and exciting) to see what will their next discographic step will be. If you like Doom Metal and especially the aforementioned bands, this album is for you.





01. Void Of Old Void To Come
02. A Query In Chains
03. Home
04. Rails Departing
05. At Our Bleakest
06. Footprints


M - Guitar, Bass
N - Vocals, Drums