Pÿlon - Homo Homini Lupus

Pÿlon - Homo Homini Lupus

(CD, Roxx Productions, 2014)

It is very exciting to watch bands evolve and improve their sound following the right direction, considering not only the current trends but the fans’ wish as well that, most of the times, leads them to the right path. From the first time I dealt with Swiss traditional Doom metallers PŸLON’s work (back in 2009 and their third “Doom” album) till 2014 and their brand new “Homo Homini Lupus” release, I was quite curious to see how this underground band would have evolved and not just serve the same Doom-oriented dish as tons of others do nowadays, and I’m more than happy to say they have succeeded this by leaving on the side the Ozzy-cultured vocals and the much of a muchness down-tempo tunes, and present their version of Doom-laden Christian Metal. So, what PŸLON have done differently in their sixth full length effort?

First of all, almost the entire lineup changed, keeping the band’s main composer / guitarist Matt Brand on the steering wheel who passed the vocal duties to NOMAD SON’s Jordan Cutajar - a decision that to my ears is more than wise since Jordan’s dynamic hue fits like hand in glove to PŸLON’s epic Christian Doom Metal. From the first listening sessions of “Homo Homini Lupus” (of which the cover artwork is nicely adorned by a religious-like theme fitting to the music), you’ll feel the completely re-refreshed sound that showcases a healthy and functional band that totally knows where it is going. The opening riff of “Crowned” and the epic “ooooh” vocalisms by Jordan define the band’s massive Metal sound, while the galloping riffage and the biblical lyrical references will entice your interest for what is next. “Al Hahar” starts with the grave sounds of tolling bell, honoring the ol’ good Doom Metal virtues without being cheesy or too-much, and its CANDLEMASS-esque epic-ness shines from start to finish, underlining why choosing Jordan as the band’s frontman as the right thing to do, bringing along a Dio-esque quality in the mix. Just listen to “Saligia” (which is also the debut single and video clip from the album) and you’ll understand how nicely the vocals blend with the massive and refreshed PŸLON sound. Extra kudos are in order for the doing a kickass apocalyptic cover on SLAYER’s “South Of Heaven” (featuring STRYPER’s Tim Gaines on bass) that is not just a re-played version of this legendary Metal hymn - and this is why the album’s rating got instantly a +1 due to the successful choice / work.

Hands down, “Homo Homini Lupus” is a really enjoyable traditional Doom Metal album that equally shines for the guitars and the vocals, and has already set high the standards / expectations for the next PŸLON release.





01. Crowned
02. Al Hahar
03. Saligia
04. Ils Se Donnent Du Mal
05. Crucifier
06. The Curse Of Eden
07. South Of Heaven (SLAYER cover)


Jordan Cutajar - Vocals
Matt Brand - Guitars
Oliver Schneider - Guitars
Reto Hardmeier - Bass
Beni Mayer - Drums