Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian

Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian

(CD/LP/MC, Mulligore / Nasoni Records, 2014)

I was quite impressed by the psych Stoner rockers ETHEREAL RIFFIAN’s debut, entitled “Shaman’s Visions”, that was released in 2011, and I have to admit I was a bit impatient for their sophomore offering. At last Kiev, Ukraine’s crushing four-piece is back with “Aeonian” to induct whoever is willing to their mind-boggling, mystical Doom-laden tunes inspired from the Caucasus Mountains and the Eastern European prairies, including all the Ukrainian magic technique in four compositions (I just can’t use the term ‘tracks’ here) that deal with spiritual and esoteric lyrical themes.

Indeed, it is alright to consider any similarities with OM / MY SLEEPING KARMA since it seems that the four Ukrainians are following the psych / distorted fuzziness of their aforementioned bands to the letter, creating a similar dervish-laden scenery, suitable for meditation and inner-self searching. With the album opener Thugdam (Sensation)being the shortest in time duration composition clocking seven and a half minutes, “Aeonian” fires all the cylinders right away; Stonezilla’s characteristic chanting / singing will captures the listener’s attention while the aggressive heavy riffage will storm the speakers with no mercy at all. The almost jazz-y feeling of March Of Spiritu (Rise Of Sheol) blends beautifully with the crushing groove that skulks in the corner and is ready to demonstrate its pulchritude in any given chance. The Bluesy, almost free-style drumming is in total balance with the monstrous bass-work, and again, in the middle of this mysticism Stonezilla’s robotic voice turns into a solid whisper adding more layers to ETHEREAL RIFFIAN’s multi-color music palette. My personal favorite Wakan Tanka (Awareness)” is probably the composition that steps completely on the OM territory, evolving into a massive Stoner-Doom jamming where Ship adopts successfully Chris Hakius’ drumming style. Finally, the dreamy FLOYD-esque forms of “Anatman (Oneness)” is the calm after the storm, giving the listener the necessary time to chill and absorb all the fuzziness that came before.

There is no doubt that ETHEREAL RIFFIAN know their game and how to serve the already played by so many bands nowadays fuzz-meditation recipe. With that being said, “Aeonian” seems to be another one crude gem of high quality Stoner / Doom Rock from a country that hasn’t rich tradition to this genre.





01. Thugdam (Sensation)
02. March Of Spiritu (Rise Of Sheol)
03. Wakan Tanka (Awareness)
04. Anatman (Oneness)


Val Kornev (aka Stonezilla) - Guitar, Vocals
Alexander Kornev (aka SAF) - Bass
Max Yuhimenko (aka Southman) - Lead Guitar
Nikita Shipovskoi (aka Ship) - Drums