Battery - Armed With Rage

Battery - Armed With Rage

(CD, Punishment 18 Records, 2014)

BATTERY was formed in 2008 in Denmark from the ashes of ABBATOIR. After a handful of demo recordings and EPs, the quintet now releases its first full length entitled “Armed With Rage” and you can obviously see rage in this debut album by these Scandinavians.

The main dish served here is Thrash that owes a lot to the Bay Area scene but also to the European Speed Metal massacre seen in the continent the last years. The guitars strike hard with tons of riffs that won’t let you go while the bass and drums lines are pounding and repetitive. There’s not much of melody in this album I must confess, since the band chooses to play in an outrage with velocity as the main guide. The bad thing is that you won’t possibly memorize a couple of tracks after the audition is over and this is definitely an obstacle for BATTERY while trying to retain a malicious profile in their music. Still, if you are a speedy Metal aficionado, you will find enough headbanging moments in here...

“Armed With Rage” is the kind of album being released to honor thrashin’ speed and nothing more or less. I did not find this CD quite enticing and this is mainly due to the lack of interesting songwriting but I propose fans of the genre shall have a look at this Danish outfit in order to check out if there’s something appealing for their own ears lurking in here.





01. Narcotic Mirage
02. Armed With Rage
03. Indirect Oppression
04. Halo Of Hypocrisy
05. Hostile By Content
06. Vermin Of Fukushima
07. Pyraminds Of Decept
08. Sense Eclipsed
09. Zombestial Incantation
10. Genocidal Gatlin Gunners


Chris Steel - Vocals
Andreas Joen - Drums
Jannick Nielsen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeppe Campradt - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jökull Johanneson - Guitars