Eldritch - Tasting The Tears

Eldritch - Tasting The Tears

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(CD, Scarlet Records, 2014)

There are times when I come across albums released from band I used to listen ten years or more ago and ELDRITCH is one of them. I still remember when I heard by luck the song “Bleed Mask Bleed” from a CD that was released by the Greek printed magazine Metal Invader (one of the best in Greece that is no longer in circulation) and made me buy the “Ill Nino” album. ELDRITCH were formed in 1991 in Italy and they have released very good albums of experimental Power Metal. I am using the word "experimental" because in their music there are influences from CORONER, METALLICA, ANNIHILATOR and also from PANTERA and MACHINE HEAD while the Progressive character has THRESHOLD and PAIN OF SALVATION (with whom they toured in Europe in 1998) as solid points of reference. The best albums in the ELDRITCH backcatalogue are “Headquake” and “Ill Nino” where one can enjoy great complex riffs and charismatic vocals. So, when I realized there was a new ELDRITCH album on the way, entitled “Tasting The Tears”, then it was no brainer that I should check it out.

During the first seconds of the album, one notices the excellent and crystal clear production. “Inside You” and “Tasting The Tears” have charming guitar melodies and a hearty Progressive aura coming from the keyboards. The gloomy beginning of “Alone Again” with the tranquil guitar tunes let Holler’s vocals shine during the catchy chorus, while you will definitely identify the US Heavy Metal influences in “Waiting For Something” and “Seeds Of Love” as they are being filtered through ELDRITCH’s personal style. The title “Something Strong” goes hand-in-hand with the music of this song where some Thrash riffs make a strong presence while another catchy chorus crowns this one as the best track of the album. “Love From A Stone” is a trademark ELDRITCH mid-tempo track with progressive elements around and I have to give additional kudos for the keyboard work in “Clouds” creating a paranoid atmosphere. There is a cover take on QUEENSRŸCHE’s “I Will Remember” (from “Rage For Order”) that I believe was done successfully although there is no space for changes but since the difficulty level is very high, I think Holler has made an excellent job.

“Tasting The Tears” is a fine piece of Metal music bearing all the ELDRITCH trademark elements with excellent guitar riffs powerful rhythm section and last but not least with passionate and wide ranged vocals, so it's absolutely recommended. There is only one thing to do and that is to buy it.





01. Inside You
02. Tasting The Tears
03. Alone Again
04. Waiting For Something
05. Seeds Of Love
06. The Trade
07. Something Strong
08. Don’t Listen
09. Iris
10. Love From A Stone
11. Clouds
12. I Will Remember


Eugene Simone - Guitars
Terence Holler - Vocals
John Crystal - Bass
Raffahell Dridge - Drums
Rudj Ginanneschi - Guitar
Gabriele Caselli - Keyboards