Woods Of Desolation - As The Stars

Woods Of Desolation - As The Stars

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(CD, Northern Silence Productions, 2014)

WOODS OF DESOLATION is one of my favorite bands from the Black Metal scene performing music that is enhanced by a full-dosage of melancholy. The Australian band has released amazing albums like the previous “Torn Beyond Reason” and the brilliant “Toward The Depths”, plus a compilation, an EP, three split releases and two demos. Now, WOODS OF DESOLATION is back in discography with their third full length album, called “As The Stars”. So, let’s raise the veil of mystery and see what is hidden beneath...

From the first seconds, you realize that WOODS OF DESOLATION haven’t changed at all and the production is just perfect for albums like this. Throughout the album the guitar riffs express feelings like nostalgia, sorrow, darkness and solitude as they reach perfection. I am impressed in how the music is changing tempo between the tracks; first there is the speedy “Like Falling Leaves” and then comes the epic and mid-tempo “Unfold” with extraordinary guitar playing. The technical “And If All The Stars Faded Away” carries nostalgia that is perfectly balanced with harsh vocals, while “This Autumn Light” bears some beautiful guitar melodies. In “Anamnesis”, the riffs will remind of the early days of the European atmospheric Metal bands like KATATONIA while the mid-tempo “Withering Field” proudly wears the nostalgic Black Metal colors especially after 1’:50’’ where everything seems to be on fire. The last but not least “Ad Infinitum” drops the curtain with excellent guitar work and a lovely atmosphere that will surround you immediately.

Bands like WOODS OF DESOLATION are the guarantee for this kind of Black Metal, especially after the split-up of AUSTERE. I still believe that “Torn Beyond Reason” was their best album, although their legacy continues strong to higher points of excellence. “As The Stars” is a remarkable depressive Black Metal album and is highly recommended to everyone who has a sweet tooth for this kind of Black Metal.





01. Like Falling Leaves
02. Unfold
03. And If All The Stars Faded Away
04. This Autumn Light
05. Anamnesis
06. Withering Field
07. Ad Infinitum


D. Woods - Guitars, Bass