Nasheim - Solens Vemod

Nasheim - Solens Vemod

(CD, Northern Silence, 2014)

I have to confess that I have missed bands like NASHEIM and the atmospheric Black Metal with the mysterious-sounding vocals and the haunting melancholic melodies. Sweden’s one-man band NASHEIM has already in the backcatalogue a split with AVAGORN, one demo and a compilation and “Solens Vemod” is its debut full length album.

“Solens Vemod” opens with “En Nickel Till Drommars Grind”, a very beautiful and atmospheric track starting with a calm background and mysterious melodies, while the bass lines follow the guitar rhythms, helping to create the overall atmosphere on the side of Grahn’s clean vocals that play an important role. “Jag Fyller Min Bagare Med Tomhet” comes next and changes a little the atmosphere with hearty blast-beat action. During the first seconds, you’ll realize that this song has very good riffs and a great up-tempo drumming and I think the deal here was to follow traditional Black Metal elements. The atmospheric part, located in the middle of the track, is accompanied by the Grahn’s very good and harsh vocals letting the dizzy riffing / drumming to take the lead soon enough. The almost 11-minutes “Att Av Odets Trada Vava Sorg” will bring to mind the glorious BATHORY days with the mid-tempo characteristic epic Black Metal riffage (like the early 90’s). The use of classical guitar and clear vocals adds a kind different and tranquil aura. The blast-beats with the familiar Swedish riff keep a great company to the listener till the end of this lovely track. The album closer, “Vordnad”, clocks a bit less than ten minutes and begins with an atmospheric intro. Things get more chaotic and a gloomy atmosphere materializes via the melancholic guitars leads leaving the outro to drop the curtain being yet again gloomy and melancholic.

I believe Grahn has released a very good Black Metal album with ambient, epic and symphonic elements summoned up to decorate the whole work. Each track feels different from the other, consisted of different rhythms, influences and guitar work. The main pros here are the variety of rhythms, the huge and darkened atmosphere, the great guitar-work and the clever use of influences from bands like BURZUM and SUMMONING. NASHEIM offers a very good debut album and I recommend to every Black Metal fan to purchase this with eyes closed.





01. En Nickel Till Drommars Grind
02. Jag Fyller Min Bagare Med Tomhet
03. Att Av Odets Trada Vava Sorg
04. Vordnad


E. Grahn - All Instruments, Vocals