Beltez - Tod Part 1

Beltez - Tod Part 1

(CD, Bret Hard Records, 2013)

It’s better to start this by admitting that I don’t know much about Black Metal and I’m not particularly interested in it. I do like a lot of it, when it hits straight on my taste, else not so much. So, I was actually surprised to read Germany’s BELTEZ had already released two full length albums and bit more prior to the new one “Tod Part 1” because I really thought this was a new band as I’ve never heard of them before. And maybe this would have been better left that way.

So no, BELTEZ doesn’t really fit into my taste for Black Metal. The sound is actually really decent, rather clear and atmospheric. It has the layers of guitars in different harmonies. But BELTEZ’s performance doesn’t really match the picture and especially during the fast parts, the blast-beats sound really crazy; it seems like the band doesn’t get it all together and end up a bit here and there in songs - it’s just not tight enough. And with this production, the rawness disappears a bit which perhaps had worked since BELTEZ performance isn’t best in class (have in mind I’m comparing to bands as DIMMU BORGIR, IMMORTAL and MAYHEM here who are crazy tight instead).

But when BETLEZ take down the tempo a bit, everything falls into place. Take the last part of “Nagelfar” for example; it actually sounds very good in the more melodic parts, Gezuecht’s or perhaps it is DOD’s hissing vocals that work really well over the melodic parts. The same happens in the beginning of the massive “Zu Den Sternen Blickend” (clocks in on over 11 minutes), but when it turns into blast-beats, everything falls apart. During the first CD spins I had a very hard time to accept the vocals; they sound rather desperate and whiney with no real tone, but when I got used to them, the album worked a bit better.

There are some really cool parts in “Tod Part 1” in each and every song. It’s damn cool that they’ve managed to include a part of doomy “Marche Funèbre” in “Zu Den Sternen Blickend” for example, and then the next passage has the same feeling but something feels completely different. So, BELTEZ do have something, but for me they’ stand in the middle; not clean enough or not raw enough to suite my taste.





01. Das Schwarze Grab
02. Selbstmord
03. Endzeit
04. Nagelfar
05. Zu Den Sternen blickend
06. Der Tod Ist Ein Meister Aus Deutschland (SLIME cover)


Gezuecht - Vocals
DOD - Vocals, Guitars, Drum Programming
Flagg - Bass
Herr Tot - Drums