Ghost Avenue - Ghost Avenue

Ghost Avenue - Ghost Avenue

(CD, Pitch Black Records, 2013)

The Norwegian scene is mostly known for the extreme ways of spreading malice and aggression in the Metal world; GHOST AVENUE – formerly known as simply GHOST – are an exception but they have all the dynamics to showcase a different musical aspect for this Scandinavian county. Many unknown bands from Norway played melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal during the late 80s and – apart maybe from TNT – never got to receive some recognition...

“Ghost Avenue” has all the ingredients to become a favorite in the melodic Hard Rock/Metal genre. The songs are well-crafted with nice guitar riffs and melodic solos while the rhythm section is simplified yet pounding and galloping. The vocals by Ihzzy Rock Cullen will remind you of many singing stars of the 80s but he is not a copycat; he probably sings like he was raised in the 80s, got it? The sound is clear and metallic while the mix does justice to all the instruments (vocals included) ending up in a product that shall keep you good company if you like this crossover Hard-meets-Heavy style. No syrupy things here, it’s all about the melodic yet powerful style bands like e.g. PRETTY MAIDS or others have brought to the music world the last two decades or so.

GHOST AVENUE are willing to place themselves as a rising force in the specific scene. I wish them all the best since their debut full length CD is a charismatic effort that shall leave no fan uninterested, rest assured. This will be a frequent visitor in my audio system I assume.





01. Ghost Avenue
02. Rock ‘n’ Roll Tree
03. The Hunt
04. Right Direction
05. Crazy Eyes
06. Treasure Chest
07. All I Can Say
08. Out On The Street
09. When The Going Gets Tough
10. Legacy
11. Two Drinks


Ihzzy Rock Cullen - Lead Vocals
Øystein Wiik - Guitar, Vocals
André Berger - Guitar, Vocals
Magnus Liseter - Bass
Petter Chris. Lein - Drums